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Apr 9, 2009 12:32 PM

katz deli ? and where are best pancakes?

I'm in town next week is it possible to have half a sandwich at Katz? I'll be alone and wandering around eating and probably dont need an entire pastrami since on the way out I'll be stopping for my next food adventure. Secondly, where are the best pancakes. On this board i've heard Normas? mentiioned but done want to pay $100 for pancakes. Also, keep hearing about Clinton street bakery's blueberry and banana walnut pancakes howvever I'm hearing conflicitng info as to when they open 8:00am but dont fire up the ovens till 10:00am. I would rather eat my pancakes closer to the 8:00am hour. Can travel anywhere in mahattan but will be in midtown just in case there is anything good nearby.Thank you!

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  1. Two great choices. Katz for pastrami. Clinton St for best pancakes.

    1. Clinton street opens at 10am. Norma's is overly sweet

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          Supposedly 8am on weekdays but some Hounds have reported trouble trying to get hot food at that hour. 10am on weekends. I would call in advance to figure out what the deal is.

      1. You can't get half sandwich at Katz's. Pack the half to go. It'll still be good for later.

        1. I think Shopsin's opens at 9 am, and their mac 'n cheese pancakes and slutty cakes are both exceptional. They're more flavorful than Clinton's pancakes. Clinton's pancakes are fluffier and also delicious, but the best part about them is the maple butter syrup.

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            Open Tuesday thru Friday 9am to 3pm. Saturday, they close early at 2:30pm. Not open Sundays or Mondays.

          2. We went to NY last month on holiday and two of the best things we ate were a sandwich from Katz and banana and walnut pancakes from Clinton St. I highly recommend both - those pancakes were huge and I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day- and even then my husband ate half for me!

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              iheart, I agree that the Clinton pancakes are delicious. I've had them several times. I prefer Shopsin's wild creations, though, because they bring more flavor to the table, and I'm a bit of a bold flavor nut.

              I waited for the first time ever at Clinton last time we went (every other time we arrived there early enough to avoid a wait), and it put their pancakes in more perspective for me. I can now say with absolute certainty that they're not good enough to justify an hour and a half wait outside in the cold for.