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Apr 9, 2009 12:31 PM

Founders Breakfast Stout

Does anyone know of anywhere that I can get my mittens on some of this in the PA/NJ area?? I've been looking high and low to no avail........

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  1. Last I heard there's still quite a bit of the Breakfast Stout at the Joe Canal's on US Rt. 1 in Lawrenceville (between Princeton and Trenton). If, OTOH, you're looking for the *Kentucky* Breakfast Stout (labeled just "KBS" this year) I think you're out of luck at that store since they told me the 4 pack I bought 2 weeks ago was their last one.

    1. I saw some in the liquor store in the PathMark shopping center in Edison on US 1 (at the corner of Plainfield Ave & US 1.
      What a great label!
      (and probably a damned good breakfast too)

      1. I actually did find a case of! quite a brew! Thanks, to everyone who kept their eyes open for me!

        1. Anyone know if Founder's Breakfast Stout is available in the Baltimore/York PA area?

          Wells Discount Liquor had some Troegs Flying Mouflan as of Friday.

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            I found a case od the KBS, but they did have a case of the 'regular' breakfast stout (this is in the Allentown, PA area though....

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              The last time that I was at Shawan Liquors, they had it. The Wine Source in Hamden might have it as well.

              1. re: thecheeseisblue

                Had some at Avalon Liquors and two different Joe Canal's this weekend.

            2. I know that it was carried in the local Whole Foods (Middletown NJ), but it is seasonal, so it may be out of stock.

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                THANKS to all who replied! I did find a case of the KBS (expensive, but great). I actually put a few away in a cellar I'll try them maybe at Christmas.