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Apr 9, 2009 12:21 PM

xococava anyone tried their chocolates?

Just wondering if I should go there for Easter chocolates or is it just a truffle place and if so, are the truffles good? I had read in earlier posts that he has some strange combinations and wondered if he had some unusual combinations that worked? I remember thinking JS Bonbons had some strange combinations the lavendar. My sister always said it reminded her of eating soap. Thx.

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  1. I've never tried the truffles (because I don't really like atypical chocolate fillings--and I'm agreeing with your sister on floral chocolate---if I wanted soap, I'd buy it). I have tried the dark-chocolate-covered orange rind and it's really good.

    1. They have about 24 flavours. I bought some for AmuseGirl for Valentine's Day (and some from other places too). The Xococava were her favourite this year - although, to be fair, she really used to like JS Bonbons too.
      She particularly liked the texture - which was a little firmer at Xococava than some others.

      1. Those are the ones from Cava right? If so, my two cents: I am a candy freak and eat way too much of the stuff and I felt those chocolates were pretty gross. Aside from the odd not-tasty combos (I had a box selection to sample from), I found the actual chocolate they used to be kind of waxy which was surprising (waxy a la cheap chocolate bar chocolate). Now, although they were not to my taste, I did open up the box at a dinner party and eating them was a bit of a novelty and sparked conversation among the guests (always a good thing). The down side -- no one liked them. I really wanted to like them but alas no dice.

        1. My wife and I have been trying various truffles of theirs for the last few weeks (she picks them up when taking our son home from his play group). We've tried the chorizo, black trumpet mushroom, grappa & cherry, salted caramel, masala chai, szechuan peppercorn truffles so far. The chorizo was amazing; it's not actually made with chorizo but with pork fat & smoked paprika (as far as I understand). The salted caramel is a very intense version of a classic. The masala chai was interesting, as was the peppercorn.

          We have been finding the dark chocolate to be quite intense, regardless of the filling. Yummy stuff.

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            i hear he's now doing a tuffle honey truffle... has your wife picked up this one yet? i'd be curious to see if the flavour comes through enough and how it marries with the chocolate.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Haven't had that one yet.... I'll have to mention it to the wife!!!

          2. I got a little gift box of the truffles at christmas. I really liked the salted caramel and the lemon, the olive oil one wasn't bad but i prefer soma's. the only real miss for me was the black trumpet mushroom...i didn't find the chocolate and mushroom flavours particularly complementary.