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Street Food Wedding!

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Hey Chowhounds,

I'm planning a ghetto (fabulous) wedding - and I'm looking for ideas.

I've hired KOGI to come and make tacos for dinner - but what can I have out in a buffet that kind of keeps with a LA Street Food theme? I think that bacon wrapped hot dogs may be a bit TOO street...

Any ideas for munchies? Any ideas for drinks?

Thanks so much!

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  1. sounds fun and yummy. for drinks perhaps jugs of aguas frescas, they are cheap and easy to make yourself. you could have bottles of alcohol on the side if people want to add that in if you're looking for alcoholic drinks as well. you could have fun with it and have little umbrellas and garnishes.

    for munchies if this is an daytime ourdoor wedding, cups of cut up fruit mexican style with cucumber, jimaca, lime wedges, and spicy salt, with toothpicks. perfect refreshing snack for people to eat while standing. oh maybe small fruit kabobs with a lime and salting area.
    chips and salsa, guacamole. since you're doing korean bbq maybe small egg rolls, wontons or taquitos, little spicy sausage or slices with picks.
    KOGI does taro and lotus chips http://kogibbq.com/wp-content/uploads...
    maybe you can find your own.
    if you like fish some poke http://www.overlandmeatco.com/fresh_f...
    or ceviche with the chips would be yummy. ceviche is easy to make, you may be able to get poke at an asian market.

    good luck

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      I love the idea of the cucumber jicama lime! I would also like to vote for caipirinhas (cachaca, lime, sugar, ice). If you can get ahold of any small, delicious empanadas they are great finger-food too.

      The In N Out tractor trailer is awesome, but over the top and a little bit NASCAR.

      I fear bacon-wrapped hot dogs could be a scene-stealer.

      Oh... and churros. Churros are perfect. Alas my favorite are Del Taco!

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        I completely agree with the aguas frecas...those can be made into beautiful cocktails. If the OP needs inspiration she can visit Yxta downtown where they make a delightful jamaica margarita and other cocktails from there aguas frescas.

      2. if i were you, i'd also have the in n out truck come out. that would be bad ass.

        1. Bacon wrapped hot dogs are what I think of when it comes to LA street foods. It would be delicious!!

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            It might be fun to do a smaller version of the bacon wrapped hot dog, so it is finger food size. Or maybe even a more sophisticated one, like a kurobuta sausage wrapped in proscuitto.

          2. A selection of pastries, both savory and sweet, from Porto's -- ok, not really street, but very L.A.

            1. Fresh made Churros... I wish I had integrated this into my wedding but I figured 17 courses of Dim Sum was enough... LOL! We use this guy for our 'employee morale' events...

              Churros Recien Hecos


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                hi dommy! do you happen to have more info or another way to contact this person for churros? i tried calling a number of times and they keep hanging up after i ask for luis??? any suggestions? :) thank you so much!

                1. re: so_hungry

                  Oh no! I'm so sorry... that is the card that he gave me... I wonder if they have changed contact info. So sorry!!


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                    no worries, i certainly do appreciate the quick response!! if you happen upon your contact again and could update this post, i would be so grateful. i'll check back periodically! :)

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                    If you are looking for Salinas Churros, try this number: Luis at (323) 519-9983.

                2. You should have the Thai coconut waffle ball guy ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/49298 ) come and make dessert!

                  1. Langer's pastrami bought in bulk with their perfect twice-cooked rye, with the bread attractively cut into thirds, along with some coleslaw and cheese for do-it-yourself little sandwiches.


                    1. How cool! Maybe call up a local Pho restaurant to see if they could serve hot steaming bowls at your wedding...hot bowl of pho...YUM!

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                        Sorry, one more thought...banh mi...get a Lee's or whichever is your fave location to ship some over or have some one to make small sandwiches to order.

                      2. How about a "tamale cart" man?

                        1. Determine the current whereabouts of Fredo's former owner -- Dan -- and have him stop by to cook up his great cheesesteaks for everyone. He's a very friendly and sincere guy who would make your guests feel special. This would be more Pasadena street food than LA ;-), but Dan can communicate in both languages -- he's no Sy Stallone, you know wud I mean? It could get a bit expensive, however, because you'd have to hire security to keep out a large contingent of uninvited 'hounds from this board. ;-)

                          Fredo's Phillys
                          720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

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                            This caught me by surprise - Fredo's "former" owner Dan! What happened??

                            1. re: Michelle

                              He sold his part of the business to his partner (at least that's my understanding) last year. He'd said that he was looking for another place to open (was talking about Eagle Rock) and had also mentioned purchasing something akin to a taco truck for his phillies ... but so far he hasn't resurfaced, near as I can tell.

                              Hopefully, if anyone is in the know about his location, they'll chime-in.

                          2. Love this thread! I'm also booking Kogi for my wedding (we decided on it before I read about it here, promise!) and think the idea of more L.A. street food is great. Bahn mis would be fab. How about Thai snacks and salads? Crispy rice salad, beef salad, satays for the less adventurous, fermented spicy ribs. Round it out with bobas to drink!

                            1. You are doing Asian street food already, what if you did some Japanese street food? I ate teriyaki and robata from street carts when I was in Tokyo

                              1. Thanks, everyone, for such great suggestions! I'll keep you posted. :)

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                                  In this same vein. Does anybody know a tamale person? Or a bacon wrapped hot dog person.

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                                    Argh. I don't have the exact name, but there is a terrific vendor (SUCH good bacon dogs) at the El Segundo Farmer's market every Thursday afternoon and early evening. As I posted on this thread, I think the booth is Tropical-something:

                                    Here's a list of all the certified farmer's markets around, I believe they go to others too, and there should be a contact phone number for the organizer of the El Segundo one if you need to get the name:

                                2. How about the Coolhaus ice cream truck?

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