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Apr 9, 2009 11:39 AM

1st Visit to Gary Danko (got tips?)

I've been to Mina's a couple of times and when I do, everyone tells me "Next time, you gotta go to Danko's"... So, I'm going. Has anyone been lately (Spring Menu)? If so, what would you recommend? Any general tips? As it stands, I'll probably do 4 courses.

Thanks ~

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    1. Get the foie gras -- numerous reports that it's one of the best foie gras preps around.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I definitely recommend the foie gras. It's a must get whenever I eat there.

        1. The seared foie gras is, as others have noted, always good. Many like the risotto, though I've found it too large for the starter that it is. I do like the glazed oysters a lot. Soups are generally very nice too. On the seafood course, the roast lobster is lovely (and I'm not a big lobster fan). I would avoid the horseradish crusted salmon. I've always found it disappointing. The cheese cart is excellent. If you're saying four courses because you plan to skip the cheese, please reconsider!

          One important thing to note--you can mix it up. No need to do an app, a seafood, a meat, cheese, and dessert. I swing savory, so I usually end with cheese and have two from apps or seafood. And if you love seafood, or you're crazy for foie gras, you can choose from any part of the menu as your main course. The foie gras, when ordered as a main, can be terrifyingly generous. It's possible to go to Danko and have 5 courses of seafood, or 5 courses from the app list...whatever turns you on.

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            Thanks. I had heard about the ability to "mix it up" with the menu - I think that's one of the things that got me to finally make a ressy. And I have been known to eat more foie than is probably good for me and it's nice to hear that they do it right.

            I tend to be underwhelmed with desserts, generally, so cheese is a good suggestion, especially if it's as good as you are all saying....

            Thanks ~

            1. re: lexdevil

              "I swing savory" - LOVE that phrase! (So do I.)

            2. Of the meats, I recommend the beef and the stuffed quail. Skip the squab, which was kind of flavorless and came with some mushy couscous.

              If you get a dessert, the Louisiana Butter Cake is incredible. I've never had anything like it: it's like a cross between a croissant, a chewy cookie and a muffin. I'm not an ice cream fan, but combining a bite with the berry compote and vanilla ice cream put it on an even higher level. It's so delicious that I asked for the recipe (to no avail). I would go back for that dessert alone. However I like dense, rustic baked things and those who prefer light, less sweet desserts might not be so fond of it.