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Apr 9, 2009 11:21 AM

Saturday lunch

Have read good and bad reviews for Parc, coming up on a Saturday, will be around Rittenhouse and am thinking of Parc. Anyone been recently and how was it?

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    Excellent detailed review of Parc by a friend of mine who has been to more philly restaurants than anyone else I've ever known, and probably will know.

    1. I had lunch there recently. The onion soup was delicious, as was the salad nicoise. I can highly recommend both. The bread and butter is also excellent. My husband was not as wild about his choices...he had a pea soup and the lamb sandwich. Its a great place for people watching, especially if its a nice day.

      1. It's up and down. Usually more up than down

        1. Haven't been but a friend whom I trust says it's his favorite place in the city.

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            Thanks to all, I've narrowed it to either Parc or La Croix. Will report back.

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              I think you'll be happy with either one. But I will say Parc is more about the style and La Croix more about the food. Not to say that either is lacking good food or style--but they are different kinds of places.