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Apr 9, 2009 11:05 AM

best bread pudding in Westchester, NY area

I found the best Bread Pudding I ever had in Passaic County, NJ. It was in a small local peruvian BBQ place and they almost never made it unless I pre ordererd it.

Anyhow, I changed jobs and I'll never eat that bread pudding again. So I need a new place to get some good bread pudding. Ideally it would be close to White Plains in Westchester New York.

I like the plain bread pudding with raisins. Not chocolate bread pudding or anything crazy like that. I'm not sure what culture is best known for bread pudding, so I have a hard time looking places up. Are peruvians known for their bread pudding? I know there are quite a number of peruvian restaurants in Port Chester so I have to check them out. Any advice?

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  1. Sorry to say that i haven't found a great bread pudding yet in Westchester! However, a small trek into Cold Spring there is a restaurant called Riverview that I haven't been able to top yet! The dessert is a little pricey (I think about $9.50) but well worth every penny. It is served hot , which I have yet to get hot anywhere else yet, and I believe it has a carmel-bourbon sauce over it. You'll be very happy if you make the trip!

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      i've recently been to Emmas ale house in white plains and they have a decent bread pudding.

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        Admittedly, I haven't tried it, but I've seen it walking by and it looks pretty good: Brioche bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and bourbon creme anglaise at the Rye Roadhouse

    2. North in Armonk. Was going to order it last Friday, but The Husband felt more like having skillet cookie and homemade doughnuts. It looked awesome. People next to us got 2.

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        1. meritage in scarsdale has excellent bread pudding

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            I had a really good one at Nessa in Portchester, warm with ice cream....really good!

          2. The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry has great bread pudding to go along with the rest of outstanding food served there.

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              Pastissiere Salzburg in Rye has great bread pudding.