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Apr 9, 2009 11:04 AM

Easter Sunday brunch in downtown

Taking b-friend's parents for Easter Sunday brunch in downtown.

I'm thinking of the buffet @ The King Edward or Fairmont Hotel's EPIC.

Any suggestions? Or past experiences that might help me choose?

They are elderly parents so accessibility in a nice, elegant place is important.

(Last year we drove out to The Doctor's House - Kleinburg.) This year, we would like to stay within Toronto.)


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  1. When I called yesterday, King Eddie only had 1:30 or 2 pm seatings available.
    Azure at Intercontinental on Front has an Easter buffet brunch too, but they're not as good as Victoria @ Kind Eddie.

    1. If you run out of options downtown, there's the Old Mill Inn -

      1. I would do the King Eddy, 1:30 isn't so bad. The Old Mill that JK suggests isn't great for older folks, very good food but tends to have masses milling (no pun intended) around.

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        1. re: Squeakycheese

          Thanks! We ended up going to King Eddy.

          Had a reservation 1.30pm for the four of us. We didn't get seated till 2:20pm!! The service was TERRIBLE and disorganized. Maybe because they were overbooked and understaffed.

          The food on the other hand were of the high standard we expected. With parents 88 and 86 years old, it was very unfair to have kept them waiting. The delay and poor service really took away the quality of the experience. I would not suggest going there on Easter Sunday or Mother's Day.