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Apr 9, 2009 10:40 AM

German Restaurant in TO?

Lately I've been craving some good german schnitzel and I realized that in the 3 years I've lived here, I don't remember ever seeing a german restaurant. I was out at the Bier Markt on the Esplanade the other night and tried their (expensive!) "Schnitzel"; I was predictably disappointed... tomato paste and whipped potatoes? At least there was fresh lemon to squeeze on the meat.

So I'm looking for some place that has the real thing.

I want options on the menu to include: Rahm Schnizel, Jäger Schnizel, Pfeffer Schnizel, etc... and don't serve it with whipped yukon potatoes - I want delicious spätzle!

I expect if I took the bus way out to Kitchener, I could find this type of place, but somebody please help - Toronto has *everything*, right???

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  1. There are a couple of german restaurants out in scarborough. Blue Danube at mccowan and ellesmere which people say good things about but I have yet to go, and little bavaria at Markham and eglington. I quite enjoyed LB and had the Jager schnizel there. Was tasty. Nice to hear them pounding the schnizel out fresh per order as well. There are also a number of hungarian shcnizel places in the city, Hungarian house (I think that's the name) down in yorkville and paprika on bathurst just south of the 401 are the ones I have been to and while they are both good, I have a soft spot for Paprika.

    1. There's The Musket in Etobicoke (Kipling & Queensway)
      Menu is available at their web site:

      The Musket
      40 Advance Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

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        Second the musket! Food is top notch tedesco comfort food: huge smoked pork hock is my fave! The schnitzel is really good too.

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          I've always enjoyed Little Bavaria, the restaurant is a little on the small side though.

          The Blue Danube is a little less expensive than Little Bavaria. The food seems a little more cafeteria style than authentic tasting to me. Saying that, it's still good, it just doesn't have the heart that Little Bavaria does.

          A little east there is Sauter's Inn in Ajax. It's very competent as well, it's the most expensive of the three I've mentioned.

      2. Graystones on Yonge Street in Aurora. North of the City but is what you're looking for , and closer than Kitchener.
        Very traditional, with about 5 or 6 schnitzel choices, naked with just breading, then there is stuffed (loaded with cheese -very filling) and non breaded with spectacular sauces. Hunter schnitzel, jager, stuffed Franz Josef, etc.
        They don't do a breaded version with sauce as it makes it soggy, bu since that is how I like my schnitzel ( I mean with sauce, not soggy) I always order the breaded regular schnitzel with a side order of sauce, red cabbage and spazle. Spazle is delicious and buttery goodness. Red cabbage could use more sweetening for my taste.

        Traditional red cabbage and Spazle. Decor dated (80s at best ) but if you can get past aqua and rose, then you'll be ok, Food is worth it. Reasonably priced. Singles over 30 dance club in back on Sat nights. that is separate from the restaurant.