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Apr 9, 2009 10:11 AM

Peanut Butter Help Needed

In an effort to eat healthier a few years back we started buying "natural" peanut butter. No more jiffy, Peter Pan skippy, etc. As most everyone knows, the oil and ground up peanuts will separate. This gives you two choices, that I know of. After stirring you can put it in the fridge which I guess keeps it from separating, but gives you one hard unspreadable lump of PB. The other option, not refrigerating, then stirring every time really isn't much better. It is almost impossible to stir well in the jar. By the time you get to the bottom of the jar, the PB there is virtually devoid of oil making it unspreadable and unpleasant to eat. Or you can do what i did this morning, which is to dump it all out of the jar into a large bowl, then mash it together with a potato masher (I guess that makes 3 choices), then after making the sandwiches, put it all back in the jar.
This got me to thinking of other possible solutions:
Put it all in a big jar, then stick an immersion blender in every time. If i thought it wouldn't be a PITA to clean the immersion blender, this might be a good choice. If i had one I'd try it. I don't currently, but my wife thinks it would be nice for her butternut squash soup. As of now, this would be its only use.

Does anyone have any other suggestions, besides sneaking in the "unhealthy" stuff?

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  1. Seek, and ye shall find.

    I am too cheap to buy one, but I've heard a lot about this product. My natural PB method is a bit different: I sit the jar in the pantry on its lid, then on its side a day later, repositioning it every so often. Makes it easier to stir up with an iced tea spoon.

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      Oooh! Thanks for the link! We use Adam's Natural, kept in the pantry, and I stir as best I can each time I use it. The Adam's site has a stirrer lid, but only for the smaller sized jars, last I looked.

      I do like your idea about rotating the jar, also.

    2. What kind do you buy? I find TJ's brand mixed up and put in the fridge does not harden up like some others. Or do what I do. Make your own!!

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        I live in Texas and buy HEB Central Market Organic. Or i buy it in bulk from a co-op in town (Wheatsville for anyone in Austin). The bulk stuff doesn't seem to separate as much.
        I've tried rotating the jar, it doesn't seem to help too much.

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          I buy either Smuckers, Krema, or the Costco brand lately.

        2. ybe you could store it in a freezer bag inside a clean mason jar? i bet it would be easy to moosh up in the bag, provided the bag were strong enough to withstand the repeated mooshing.

          1. Troy, I don't understand why you're having trouble maintaining a spreadable emulsion after mixing the oil into the peanut butter. We buy two brands of peanut butter, Laura Scudder's and/or Adam's "All Natural" Old Fashioned Peanut Butter. When we open the jar I simply remove all of the contents to a large mixing bowl, mix it with a heavy spoon or wooden spatula until it is fully emulsified, then put it back into the jar. Never had a problem with it solidifying before we use it up. We use a jar about every two to three weeks.
            Maybe you're not getting the oils mixed into the bulk of the peanut puree thoroughly enough.
            If your problem persists you might try stirring in a teaspoon or so of salad oil to restore the smoothness you enjoy.

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            1. re: todao

              Once you put it back in the jar, then eventually it separates again, right? Mine does.

            2. If it gets too firm in the fridge, I microwave it, still in the jar, for 15 seconds.