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Apr 9, 2009 08:58 AM

Desert Hot Springs and beyond

I've been looking through the archives but haven't seen anything on Desert Hot Springs. Is it a culinary wasteland?

Where would you recommend lunches and dinners Easter weekend (I only mention easter so that I don't get back the friendly, but unhelpful "'s great but closed Easter weekend...")

Palm Springs recs are welcome too (and probably necessary). Is Joshua Tree just as close?


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    1. re: lolabelow

      Hi Lolabelow,

      I feel your pain....I too have been searching the boards for some enlightening comments on the restaurant scene in Palm Springs/Palm Dessert.

      We are arranging 3 dinners for a group of Vancouverites who will be staying in the area near the end of the month. I have been scouring the boards for any information....and haven't been so successful. With what information I was able to find, we decided on the following restaurants:
      Pacifica for seafood
      Spencer's for steaks
      Tuscany @ the Marriott - supposed great Italian
      We based our decision on positive reviews via Chowhound, Trip Advisor and Those sites were really helpful. Sullivan's also looked good, but the location didn't work for us. I too would love to hear from anybody who's had any experiences at these restaurants. Good luck with your search!

      1. re: Quattrociocchi

        last night we went to Las Casuelas. You can skip it.
        tonight we're going to King's Hwy at the Ace Hotel (unless we go with one of your suggestions). I'll let you know how it is...