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Hard boiled eggs

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Sorry for the lame post....my wife left hard boiled eggs out last night on the counter and asked me if they were still ok to eat? I have no idea. At worst they can still be dyed.

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    1. I'd say they're fine too ... as long as the weather wasn't too hot

      1. Third - fine. The Easter bunny does it doesn't she?

        1. Most people in the world don't refrigerate eggs. The shell is a near-perfect barrier between the sterile nutrients inside and the dirty world outside. So long as the shells are intact, the risk is minimal at most.

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            That's true, I've seen them boiled and sold unrefrigerated in very hot countries so it should be fine!

          2. I agree that they are fine. But, fyi, hard-boiled eggs keep less well at room temp than fresh eggs. I know from personal experience that HB eggs can get quite unpleasant after 2-3 days out, while uncooked eggs would be fine for a week or more.

            1. The best thing to do is make deviled eggs out of them. Won't last 15 minutes :-)

              1. They're still okay. Ages ago, I can remember an Irish bar in The Bronx (and they probably weren't the only one doing this) that kept a big bowl of hardboiled eggs next their cash register behind the bar, next to the whiskey. Not a sliver of ice or a cold pack in sight.

                But that quart of milk I accidentally left out on the counter AND open! this morning after I fixed the tea for my Thermos got the big heave-ho the moment I saw it this evening. GAH!