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Apr 9, 2009 08:57 AM

Perigee: Worth the Hassle?

So, I have a gift certificate to Perigee for two tasting menus that I bought at a charity auction in January. After much deliberation, a close friend and I picked a date and rescheduled our lives so that we could go together.

So, last week, I called to book a reservation for this Thursday at 8:00 pm. Well last night I received an email at 7:54pm that said I had canceled my reservation and that they were grateful that I had informed them. It seemed to be a form letter that would be used by Open Table (the link in the email went to Open Table's page anyways). However, I did not cancel. Nor did I use open table to make the reservation (I made it by phone). So, I was confused.

Since I had no idea what was up, I called Perigee at just before 8:00pm yesterday to ask for clarification. No one answered the phone. So, I left a message on their voicemail and I told them I hadn't canceled and would still be coming. I left my home phone number and my email address.

Well, sometime later someone from Perigee called my cell phone (the number to which I had left when booking) which I didn't have turned on (which is why I left my home number and email in my message!) and they left me a voicemail. It turns out they didn't get enough bookings to bother opening at all today.

I sympathize. In these tough times they are clearly struggling. But, I also feel pissed off. I mean, to give less than 24hours notice of the cancellation, to do it by email (which I don't usually check on a daily basis), with no explanation offered in the email, and no compensation or consideration offered as way of apology.

I am no longer sure I want to spend $240 of my money there (the certificate doesn't cover wine or gratuity -- so 2 times $80 wine pairings + $80 tip).

What would you do?

Would you just re-book and make sure it is for a Friday or Saturday? I don't like dining out Fridays or Saturdays; but, I wouldn't risk planning on a weekday reservation again, would I?

If someone offered to buy the certificate off of me for something close to its value, I think I'd happily take my money and time elsewhere!


P.S. How close to out of business are they if they can't open on a Thursday! That should be the third busiest day each week, right?

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  1. That does not sound good at all. I would personally hurry in to have dinner asap, but perhaps not the tasting menu and wine pairings - just try to get the value out of the GC, and fast.

    1. Oh no, here we go! Let's crank up the rumour mill... Let's see - Thursday night on an important (to lots of ppl) long weekend.

      I agree that the way that they handled the situation lacks professionalism, but it is no indication that they are "close to out of business". Maybe you should attempt another call? Let THEM know that you are disappointed? Maybe give them a chance to make it right?

      I can assure you that the meal will be great.

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      1. re: legourmettv

        "Let's see - Thursday night on an important (to lots of ppl) long weekend."

        Does that mean they would be more likely or less likely to get bookings? I would assume that having Friday off from work would increase Thursday night reservations -- not hamper them. FWIW they're open tomorrow. Also, the previous week they closed down on Tuesday and Wednesday.

        "Maybe you should attempt another call?"

        Well, I have, except no one ever answers the g.d. phone! So, I have left another message.

        In making the original reservation, I called on almost a dozen (daytime) occasions and never has the phone been answered. In the end I left a request for a reservation on the voicemail and by email and only got a live-person call-back after that.

        1. re: Atahualpa

          I think it would be less likely to be booked this Thursday than others. Those observing the religious meaning of this weekend won't be going out to big, lavish dinners on Holy Thursday/the first night of Passover. And those just enjoying the time off will be on their way out of town to enjoy the beautiful weather/time with family/etc. I'd give them another Thursday shot before giving up the ghost, but that's just me.

      2. I would go QUICKLY on a Fri or Sat find out if they hva e BYOW or else skip the pairing.. and tip based on the quality of service (as it is not the waiters fault the that you had troubles)

        If the restaurant cannot get a couple of tables on a thursday night enough to bring in one waiter, the chef (who is probably on salary anyway so it costs them nothing) and one prep guy.. and if they closed a couple of days the week before.. they are in deep trouble..

        1. It has been very slow, I suggest you use your coupon soon before it turns into worthless paper.

          Tonight is the same as a Friday night. If a restaurant can't get enough bookings to even open on a Friday night, what does that tell you?

          Also, looking at it from the POV of a line cook. If your shifts are getting cut left and right and you're relying on your paycheque for rent, wouldn't you jump ship and start looking for more steady income?

          1. The original comment has been removed