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Apr 9, 2009 08:56 AM

S&I Thai for the non-fire eater?

I'd sure like to give more authentic Thai a try, but I'm more of a 'medium-spicy' type. For example, the spicy Bon Chon chicken was a bit too hot for me. It tasted great, but by the end of the first piece my lips/tongue were on fire.

I'm not afraid of fish sauce, pork fat, fish bones or other strong flavors and I certainly like some heat, I just can't enjoy a lot of real hot stuff. I feel like I can't taste anything else.

Is the Pad ga pow moo krob the 3 layer pork with basil? How spicy would you rate that? I also love a good Som Tum salad, but again, med-hot. Are there other great dishes anyone would recommend for the chili-challenged? I'm willing to give some dishes a try to see if they're too hot, but I'd rather not have everything I order be that way.

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  1. you can ask them to adjust the level of heat. a few good non-spicy dishes are pad ka na moo krob (crispy fried pork belly with chinese broccoli), thai bbq chicken with sticky rice, and the braised pork leg (thai menu only)

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      I don't necessary want non-spicy, I just don't want SPICY. I'm afraid if I ask them to adjust the heat, I'll just get americanized versions.

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        Well to start with yes, the Pad ga pow moo krob is the crispy pork in basil sauce, my favorite thing there but even without asking for extra spicy, as I do, not something for someone who doesn't want pretty spicy. The pad ka na moo krob suggestion is actually a pretty good alternative. I think the yellow curries are pretty mild and flavorwise some of my favorites. So you might try yellow curry or mango curry, both of which I've had there. Another idea might be to get a bunch of appetizers, like the chive dumpling and cozy shrimp, both of which I've enjoyed.. Haven't had it there, but Rad Nar is something I like when I'm in a rare non-spicy mood. I wasn't really impressed with their pad thai the one time I had it, so I wouldn't recommend the obvious non-spicy thing. It's been a while since I've had it there, since I usually make it myself when I want it, but I think I recall their Yum nuer being fairly tasty and spicy but not overly spicy. It's also something I think you could ask for not too spicy without it being overly Americanized. I had the tamarind seafood there once and enjoyed it although I recall being underwhelmed over how much seafood was included. The tamarind duck might be equally good, I just don't care much for duck. Sorry, probably not a lot of help. I usually stick with the Pad ga pow moo krob, which I adore and think theirs is one of the best versions I've had.

        Anyway, in general FWIW I've usually been underwhelmed by the spiciness in things there rather that overwhelmed, especially before they knew me a bit better to believe me when I say spicy is food. Now I really like heat so my perspective may be a bit warped on that. But it's a strong enough impression to make it worth at least trying some of the mildly spicy stuff.

    2. Khao Kam Moo
      (fatty pig's leg on rice - looks like brown fatty meat on rice in the photo)

      This a great dish seen all over markets and foodcourt stalls in Thailand - S&I's is a lovely faithful version and just like the Thais do, you can use the sauces on offer to adjust the spice to your taste.