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Apr 9, 2009 08:53 AM

Good Frickin Chicken is aptly named

Oh my. I was supposed to meet a friend at Lotus Garden on Mission Street and it was closed yesterday, so we decided to go instead to Good Frickin Chicken instead. The menu looked kind of meh, rotisserie chicken, pitas, hummous. I ordered the half chicken, full dinner, which comes with a side (I chose hummous), a salad, and pitas. I had no idea how good rotisserie chicken could be! It was covered with some kind of flavorful paste, sorry I didn't dissect what was in it, I was in chicken frenzy. It was so moist! The best thing on the plate was the smooth yet powerful garlic paste; second best was the pita, aptly described as "pillowy" and covered with some spice mixture and sesame seeds. A little pita with a dab of hummous, a chunk of chicken, and a dollop of garlic paste = heaven in my mouth. My very chatty friend and I got very very quiet while we were eating. Even the salad, with a bright, fresh tasting mint-and oregano-spiked dressing, was delicious.

I can't wait to go back. Yum. This was the closest I have come yet to a chain of restaurants I have been to in L.A., I think they might be Lebanese? Jordanian? It's chicken and garlic paste and pitas, but the pitas at the L.A. chains are plain. It's been a good decade since I've been to L.A. to visit the chicken places there, but Good Frickin' Chicken brought me back. See you tonight, GFC!

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  1. Is it Zankou Chicken in LA you're thinking of?

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    1. re: rln

      That sounds about right. Oh, I can still remember the taste of the soft soft fresh pita and the garlic sauce, unbelievable.

    2. Pointybird, if you liked GFC, you must try the rotisserie chicken at Inkas across the street. I haven't been back to GFC ever since I tried that place! At lunch time you can get 1/2 a bird with fries (or substitute Yucca), soup, bread, a drink, and the most incredible Peruvian sauce for about $10.

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      1. re: Civil Bear

        Civil Bear, I'm intrigued. Does Inkas have the garlic sauce? Because it's the garlic sauce I've been dreaming about.

        GFC was $12 and well priced for what you got. I managed to finish the whole half chicken, it's a pretty small bird.

        1. re: pointybird

          No, no garlic sauce, but the yellow Peruvian pepper sauce is literally my favorite anywhere. I always talk the nice folks into giving me some to go.

          Before Inkas I used to have GFC in my lunch rotation. I loved the flavor although on occasion their birds could be a bit dry. But at some point the birds got smaller and the prices rose. The chickens at Inkas are a bit larger and I have yet to get one that was anything but juicy and tender.

          If you go, I recommend trying the empanadas as well. You won't be disappointed.

          1. re: Civil Bear

            Oooh I love empanadas. I wonder what kind they have. I have been able to find a lot of *dry* chicken empanadas in town, not the empanadas with picadillo beef inside like I used to have in Florida.

            I dunno, I gotta have that garlic sauce. Agreed that the bird is small at GFC but garlic sauce! GARLIC SAUCE!

            1. re: pointybird

              Which style of garlic sauce (toom)? Garlic and mayo, garlic and potato, garlic and yogurt, garlic and olive oil, or?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Potato. Same general style as Zankou's toum but not as garlicky.

              2. re: pointybird

                Actually ... Goood Frikin’ Chicken

                I like that garlic sauce too. My long ago report about GFC

                Goood Frikin' Chicken ... IS

                Given the state of search and the name some other previous unlinked reports.

                Goood Frikin' Chicken rotisserie is pretty goood

                Arabian/Lebanese Breakfast at GFC - Bernal Heights - Report

                good name great chicken

                Stealth shawerma, roast chicken and falafel

                Zankou-style chicken in Bay Area?

        2. The chicken is good, but the pita, whatever it is they do to it, becomes frikkin' amazing, totally not like pita, frikkin' way better. I hate that I like saying that so much. It totally cracks up my mother in law when we go there.

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          1. re: Rockman

            The cutesy name is what kept me away for a while. But it really is good. And the must be butter and herbs, I'm thinking, oregano and Something Else.

          2. I had brunch there a few years ago. Do they still have brunch?

            Good Frikin Chicken (Goood Frikin’ Chicken
            )10 29th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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            1. re: Dave MP

              I didn't see that on the menu, but then, I wasn't looking, not being a bruncher (early riser).

              1. re: pointybird

                I have tried to like and appreicate GFC, but after going 3 times and suffering from excessive heartburn and too much garlic, decided it is not for me. This seems to be one of those restaurants they feel everything is better with more garlic.

                1. re: poulet_roti

                  Up to a point, I do think that most savory food is better with a ton of garlic. I could see how someone would disagree however, and that someone would probably not be a fan of GFC.

            2. I have mixed opinions about GFC. My family eats there a lot, so the overall impression is good. I do love the spice rub and the garlic spread and when the chicken is right, it is very good.. the pita? Didn't really stand out to me. Their food is much better in the dining room than it is for take-out. The rest of their menu is worth exploring too. The kebabs have the same interesting spiciness.

              But... if you timing or luck is wrong, the chicken can be tired and overcooked. And the sides can sometimes suffer the same limpness. We live very close, so we tend to hit GFC for take-out at odd times. And that's when it can be dicey. When it is good -- which it almost always is in their dining room -- it is very good and economical.

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              1. re: BernalKC

                Yeah, I think I hit the sweet spot by going at lunchtime when it wasn't too busy. Things seemed freshly made and vibrant.