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Apr 9, 2009 08:24 AM

Friday Night Challenge - Seattle


My friend and I are going to be attending the Ventures show at the Moore tomorrow night (4/10). We will have roughly an hour to squeeze in a quick meal. We are both adventerous foodies and are open to just about any cuisine. I could do a search and avoid the wrath of Terrier (sorry Terrier, just couldn't resist poking fun) but I don't know my Seattle neighborhoods very well yet (moved here in Dec) and wouldn't know which ones would be relatively close to the Moore.

So, throw some killer ideas by me for something close to the Moore, Chow Worthy and have the ability to get it all done in an hour, hour and a half tops on a probably very busy Friday night.

Billy Bob

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  1. Walk... don't run (hah, I'm so clever) to Wann Izakaya. Just down the street, rather affordable, and lots of variety (mostly Japanese pub food with some decent sushi/sashimi options).

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      What a Ram-Bunk-Shush answer! Sounds like a great option! Thanks for sharing.

      Billy Bob

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        Went with your Wann suggestion and it didn't dissapoint! I tried some Shochu for the first time and we gorged on their happy hour menu. Made it to our seats as they were introducing the the first band!


        Billy Bob

      2. Serious Pie, Tom Douglas's upscale pizza joint is right nearby. The pies there are tasty and don't take long at all, only it's a small place and doesn't take reservations so getting a seat might be your main issue.

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          Don't worry Bob, I'm not wrathful - you contribute here and this is a pretty specific question. :)

          The wait alone at Serious Pie could be an hour (or more) on a Friday night. Lola takes reservations and is probably a better option if you can get a res. (If you do get a reservation there, they can definitely accomodate your schedule if you let them know you're going to a show.)

          Wann is OK. I just have no idea how busy it is on a Friday night. You may want to limit your search to places that can take and honor a reservation to avoid lineups. I don't usually plan ahead or have pre-show dinners so I'm afraid I'm not much help on this one.

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            Thanks for the tips. I will check into Lola. I seem to recall many good things on the board about it. You definitley hit on a key with reservations. If I was going to check out Wann, I was hoping that since we were a party of two we could squeeze in at the bar or something like that.

            Billy Bob

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            Thanks for the Serious tip. I will add them to the list of places I want to try, but it sounds like without being able to make reservations, they may not fit the bill on Friday night.

            Billy Bob

          3. Buenos Aires Grill is nearby, and the few times I've been there on a Friday my friends and I managed to find a spot quickly. It's an interesting spot, and good too, if you like a lot of meat.


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              I wasn't thriled with Buenos Aires Grill. Last time I was there the chicken was raw and the beef was tough. Liked the spot better when it was The Poor Italian.

              Icon Grill would be a good place, but you'd have to tell them your deadline. As long as you didn't order anything too exotic, I think they'd work with you.