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Apr 9, 2009 08:16 AM

What brand of cachaca do you recommend?

We've tried a Ypioca, seemed a little harsh.

What's a good yet not exorbitant cachaca? Mainly for caipirinhas.

Here's a list of various brands:


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    1. Got to agree on Beija: very smooth, consistent, one of the few cachaças I'd drink neat. An artisanal product, worth its premium price.

      1. I really enjoyed Milagre de Minas, but I'm not sure if its available outside of Brazil. It's brewed with thirty-some different herbs native to the area, and has more depth than most of them (I drink it neat).

        Ypoica has two kinds available in the local (Seattle) liquor store: gold and silver. The silver is quite harsh, but the gold is quite a bit mellower.

        Haven't tried Beija.

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          1. re: evergreengirl

            Milagre de Minas is an infused cachaca, not available in the US.

          2. Hello Cinnamon.You say the Ypioca was harsh.Ypioca is a standard in Brazil for caipirnhas, and should be fine if the caipirinha is made properly, with enough lime and sugar. 51 and Ypioca constitute the majority of the caipirinhas you would come across in Brazil along with Velho Barreiro.These all make excellent caipirinhas.

            To drink neat, Germana is available here in the states, one of the classic sipping cachacas of Brazil, a benchmark.This is aged in oak.It's not so expensive that you couldn't use it in a cocktail, maybe a batida or another fruit based cocktail.

            GRM is a premium cachaca availaable in the states,as well as Armazem for drinking neat.I have over 20 bottles from Brazil, specifically Minas Gerais in my home collection.The real stars aren't here yet except Germana and the Weber Haus available at Fogo de Chao restaurants in the US.

            I'm not a fan of the multi-distilled US marketed brands like Beija, Cabana, Leblon, Sagatiba, etc.They're Vanilla Ice.They will work fine in a cocktail but the great cachacas of Minas Gerais aged in various woods like Seleta, Boazinha,Maria da Cruz, Fabulosa,Cristalina, Lua Cheia, Lua Nova, and Havana are the real deal.Germana is in their league. These are aged cachacas with dazzling flavors.

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            1. re: streetgourmetla

              Thanks - yes, the Ypioca is fine in caipirinhas, once one gets the hang of the proportions... might even add to the flavor in a balancing way.

              I'll look into the Ypioca gold. (Might also try the Beija since it has two recs for, albeit your expert rec against.) If we get fancier, I'll look into the Germana and others. :)

              Still getting the hang of what spirits we really like, even for mixing... for instance for rums after using the Bacardis and happening on the Flora de Canas, we always use the latter. And tried some Tru organic vodka that makes me never want to have some of the more popular brands again. The tequilas... we're just steering clear of!

              1. re: Cinnamon

                I was just in Rio and Sao Paulo the last week of March and went on a cachaca tasting spree.I went to the Academia in Rio and a restaurant/ cachaceria in Sao Paulo, not to mention the many bars/botecos I stopped at tasting different cachacas and cocktails all day and night.Someday these artesanal cachacas will make it here and it will be a whole new ballgame.Ah, the wonders of cachaca.....

                Ahhhh, no love for tequila?

                1. re: streetgourmetla

                  Conversed with quetzlcoatl once while using tequila as the local remedy for a really bad flu. So, careful with that stuff. :)

            2. Use Ypioca that is avialable in US market, don´t waste your money with Sagatiba.
              Maybe Espirito de Minas you can find too, is great

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              1. re: meirelles

                There you go Cinnamon, you've heard it from your resident cachaceiro and now a Brazilian gourmet.Just say no to any bottle that looks like a Grey Goose rip-off.

                Espirito de Minas is brilliant.Meirelles, voce e sangue bom!

                1. re: streetgourmetla

                  Thank you all... and yay for rum- and cachaca-producing regions of the world! (Limes, we need more limes. And sugarcane.)

                  1. re: streetgourmetla

                    This is SUCH an old thread but we're in Rio now and Espirto de Minas is our new favorite. I'd be willing to bet that it can't be found in the US but I'd love to be proven wrong.

                    As someone wrote upthread, we also went to the Academia da Cachaca for lunch the other day (btw some SUPER food) and had three (each) caipirinhas with different cachacas. The other two are one of the Cristalinas and Nega Fulo. We bought all three and a friend has given us one from Paraty which we haven't tried yet. If we have time, we're going to go back and try more...I might have to pay duty and bring back more :)

                    51 will never again cross my lips :)

                    ETA: Just found a photo!