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Apr 9, 2009 08:03 AM

Best place for fish and wine in Baltimore

My boyfriend and I are looking to go out and celebrate this week and he really loves fish and enjoys a great bottle of wine. I am looking for a great place in Baltimore that serves really great fresh fish and has a great wine list but won't break the bank. A few recommendations I have already are the Black Olive in Fells Point (little pricey), Helen's Garden in Canton, and the new place in Fells Point, Miss Irenes.

Does anyone else have some recs for a moderately priced restaurant in Baltimore for great fish and wine?

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  1. You may want to consider Catonsville Gourmet. Wonderful fresh seafood and its byob with a wine store right across the street.

    My new favorite restaurant within the last 6 mos.

    1. Gertrudes at the BMA would be a possibility, although they lean more towards the oysters -shrimp-crabs end of things.

      1. I suggest skipping Helen's Garden as I don't think it will fit your criteria and they are notorious for the following - serving red wine too warm and running out of bottles of wine. Since Kali's Court may be out of your price range given that you're looking for moderately priced, consider Mezze which actually serves Kali's crab cakes, but with a more reasonably priced menu.

        Abovethewaves recommendation for Catonsville Gourmet is great since you'll get amazing food and it's BYOB so you're guaranteed a great bottle of wine at retail. The only issue is that it's not in the city.

        1. Twoplace in North part of the city to try
          LaFamiglia near JHU is a nice italian restaurant with good fish specials.
          or try Crush in Belvedere Square

          1. If you are not worried about price, Black Olive and Kali's Court (both in Fells) have amazing seafood and wine lists. If you want something a little less expensive I would try McCormick and Schmick's at the Harbor. Me personally...definitely worth the price for Black Olive or Kali's.