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Apr 9, 2009 07:30 AM

The perfect Margarita pizza? (Bronx)

I think I found it a couple of weeks ago. I am going to have to go back to confirm, but it was damn good.

Patricia's on East Tremont in Throggs Neck. All of the food was good, but the pizza, cooked in their wood burning oven, seemed perfectly made. I am hoping it was not just a fluke. Perfectly crisp crust, good sauce, and even the cheese tasted better than usual.

I like this place. I have never been to Italy, but this place seemed to come pretty close in my mind. Neearly everyone there was Italian american, with lots of people talking in Italian. At one point during dinner a table erupted into some type of Italian cheer (I am guessing it was a soccer cheer). They have Peroni in the fridge and lots of cheaper wines avaialable (in the $20s). They also have carafes of wine on the menu.

Beyond the excellent pizza and good Italian atmosphere, I believe this place has some of the more affordable prices for Italian food at a restaurant in the Bronx. I compared their menu to other places in Throggs Neck, Morris Park, and Pelham Bay, and they seemed to be the cheapest.

If anyone wants to go, my only advice would be if you are going to go on a weekend get there before 8 pm because when I got there at 7 pm we had to wait 10 minutes at the bar. By 8 pm though there was a line stretching out the door.

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  1. Very good yes, but the Margharita pizza at Zero Otto Novo on Authur Ave (Roberto's Pizza spot) is actually better!

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      Mario's restaurant, across and half a block south of Zero Otte Nove makes the best Margharita pizza. No fancy oven just the best ingredients and cooked to perfection. Try it, I think you might agree.

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        How is the rest of the menu there? The OP implied that the pizza outshined everything else at Patricia's.

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          Well, NYJ. I can only speak for Patricia's on Morris Park Ave, but the bread served gratis with an olive oil dipping sauce is wonderful. Thick and crusty , it is among the best i have eaten. I have eaten there mainly at lunchtime and their food is all excellent. The chicken with madeira sauce is seasoned perfectly adding a tang to the chicken. Their prices ranges from sandwiches at $6.00 tomeals in the high teens for black pasta.. Most items are served with a potato croquette which is not oily. It is always crowded at lunchtime and it is my favorite when I come this way. .

      2. Why quibble? Having been to Patricia's on Morris Park Avenue and ZON, I find them both to be superior products. The only differences being the ambience of the restaurants: ZON is a beautiful place resembling an Italian piazza and Patricia's a bit more homey. Patricia's prices are a few bucks less, too to even it out

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          Just an FYI...I'm not 100% sure but I think that Patricias on Morris Park Ave and the one in Throggs Neck are no longer owned by the same people. I think they split up. The one by Throggs Neck is WONDERFUL! But I still think the Pizza is better at ZON.

          1. re: gremlin608

            Correct. The menus are the same to my knowledge, and the bread is pretty much the same at both restaurants (meaning, it is VERY good at both). However I have heard that the Morris Park location is owned by Albanians, while the Throggs Neck is owned and staffed by (mostly) Italians.

            I had an excellent evening when I went there. The food was great and the ambiance was interesting to say the least. The main benefit of the Throggs Neck location is that it is much larger than the Morris Park restaurant. The problem with Patricia's in Morris Park is that it is quite cramped.

            However everything I ordered that night, the mesculin salad, hot antipasto, and linguine fra diavalo were all very good. However the wood oven cooked Margharita pizza was simply amazing. If they can replicate the quality of that pizza they have definitely won me over.

            I have been to ZON, and it is great, but I honestly think I liked Patricia's more. Not only was it cheaper, but the customers seemed more like neighborhood Italian people who live in Throggs Neck. When you go to Roberto's and ZON, the food is great, but no one who eats there lives in Belmont anymore.