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Apr 9, 2009 06:49 AM

MSP-Mi Casa in Chaska

A great new Mexican restaurant just opened in Chaska called Mi Casa. The owner, Elias Adaya, created the drink menu at Masa in downtown Minneapolis before starting this restaurant. Mi Casa is right off of main street in downtown Chaska and has the feel that it should belong in the city, not a far flung suburb like Chaska. Elias is originally from Mexico City and wants to bring authentic mexican cuisine to his restaurant. I spoke to him briefly and he emphasized the importance of fresh ingredients in his cuisine, and it really shows. All the dishes we had indicted the use of fresh ingredients, the dishes had the intense flavor that only fresh ingredients provide. He was very passionate about his vision for the restaurant and his goal to provide good Mexican food and not to be just another cookie cutter restaurant. The prices are very reasonable with many entrees in the $10 range. The real value looks to be their paella which serves 4 and is only $35. They have a ceviche I was looking forward to, but unfortunately they were out but I plan on going back soon to try it as well as some other dishes that look great like Chiles Reyenos, Polle En Mole Oaxaca and many others.

Mi Casa
207 N. Chesnut St.
Chaska, MN

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. the food is very good at Mi Casa-there isn't a dish that we haven not liked!
      However, the service is at times painfully slow-one person cannot be a host, waiter and bar tender! I hope this place works-it's wonderful to have in the western suburbs!

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        My experiences here have been mixed. The Chille Rellenos have always been solid though. I have asked for ceviche 3 times and each time have been told they were out. I'm looking forward to trying their paella though.