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Apr 9, 2009 06:45 AM

Mother's Day brunch in Wilmington, NC?

I've looked around the board and found a few recs for good eats in Wilmington, however I'm wondering if anyone can rec a spot for Mother's Day brunch? Am taking the new BF down South that weekend to meet the parents. I'm not from that area, but my parents live nearby in Southport.

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  1. brunch? The Basics is the best, not well known, sort of a new place. The Dixie Grill is great, if you can get in; I am like 2-for-12 on brunch there, I usually cannot get a table. Nothing else comes to mind, although I'm sure there's something.

    1. Good brunch can be found downtown at Cafe Phoenix (South Front St.) or Deluxe (Market St.).

      1. DeLuxe is hard to beat. Look at menu online We often have a hard time choosing. Blueberry cornmeal pancakes are wonderful. Blue corn tacos delish. And the Sumo breakfast is nothing like your usual breakfast dish. If we were in Wilmington for Mothers Day, you'd find us there.

        1. NOFO Market & Cafe on Military Cutoff RD has a great brunch, might need a reservation tho

          1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! We picked Deluxe. My parents, who are from NC, were thrilled with the idea as they had heard it had fab food. The food was great, however the service wasn't the best. I should say the kitchen was in the weeds, making everyone's experience a little off. After waiting 15 minutes past our reservation time (we thought we'd wait it out at the bar, but had trouble flagging down the barman), we were seated.

            Our server was friendly and fairly good (my BF and I are veteran servers), but he wasn't very attentive or pro-active to our 50-minute wait for food.

            The host apologized afterward -- when we came in, he mentioned a wedding party came in with double the amount of guests and it threw off the whole kitchen, which was evident by the lack of menu items available -- and I did tell him that I was disappointed in the experience, not the food. The bloodies, btw, were outstanding.

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              Sorry the experience wasn't any good. Good brunch can be hard to find in the ILM, and is really limited to a few places, so I'm not surprised it was super busy on M-Day, wedding or not. Hope you get to try it some time when its a little more relaxed. The art on the walls can be really interesting...they had some beautiful painted surfboards on the walls a few years ago. Glad the bloodies were good.