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Apr 9, 2009 06:24 AM

what's good around pine plains/amenia?

hello i think i will be in this area today, and am wondering what kind of good chow they have going on. i havent been up that way in a few years, so i have no idea, and a search yielded little results. nothing fancy, but if there's homemade baked goods, and local beer or wine, that's a plus! thanks for any info

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  1. wingdale, big w's bbq is probably the best option.

    serevan (amenia/millbrook border) might be too fancy.

    homemade goods - check out center of millerton, though i haven't been.

    for steak - again, haven't been, de la vergne on route 44 amenia

    you can also check out silimar farms and mcenroe's organic (for farms) for produce in millerton...