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Recommendations for Media, PA Please!

Hi Everyone!
My boyfriend and I are moving into Media from Center City and we are very excited about it.
We will be living right off State Street on Olive and we need your help on the best places to eat, shop, drink, have coffee, get breakfast, the best dry cleaners, best florist, etc etc.
We are self-proclaimed Foodies and eat all kinds of foods. My BF will eat meat occasionally and I'm borderline Vegetarian.
Thanks for all your time and help ChowHounds!

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  1. There's been past threads on this, but one of my Media faves is Nadia's for inexpensive Thai. Sligo is a decent Irish bar, with good fish & chips.

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    1. I'm so jealous! We moved from Media three years ago and I miss it dearly. Some of my favorites are:
      Nadias- awesome thai food
      Quotations- EXCELLENT beer selection with decent bar food. Very seafood focused.
      Yangtzee Inn- decent chinese delivery (everyone needs one of those)
      Koffee Korner- great for breakfast, fantastic coffee
      Planet Hoagies does amazing Veggie Hoagies

      Also, go on the visitmedia website and you can get a calendar of all the events. There are always day or nighttime festivals that you can enjoy.

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        Thanks Everyone for your replys so far. These are great!

      2. If you're into authentic Chinese, then try one of Margaret Kuo's restaurants. There's the Peking in The Granite Run Mall:

        Margaret Kuo's Peking
        Granite Run Mall
        1067 W. Baltimore Pike
        (Rt. 1 & 352)
        Media, PA 19063
        Tel: (610) 566-4110

        She has several other highly acclaimied restaurants in the area which are all listed on the above website.

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          Thanks! I agree with you, I LOVE Margaret Kuo's...all of them. Any suggestions out there for the best supermarket around for when you live in Media? I know there is a Trader Joe's...I so wish there was a Wegman's!!

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            I used to do my bulk shopping at Acme and my day to day stuff at TJs

        2. For great salads, sandwiches and panini: "House" 110 S Jackson St
          My fav spot in Media!
          Actually I think it the best lunch spot in Delco .

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            I love the pad thai at Noodi Thai on State St.

            Also you might want to become a member of Selene Food Co-op, it's in a nice little storefront towards the end of State Street and they have tons of vegetarian foods.

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              Good to know! I walked past House and wondered if it was any good. Thanks!

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                My daughter and son-in-law are away right now, but you'll be hearing from her. They moved from Philly to Media and live on Olive Street! It sounds like your taste in food is very similar. Check this thread next week - I'll tell her about your posting.

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                  Welcome to Media! I will third Nadia's Noodles (many of us still call it by its original "Noodi Bar" name just for fun). Great food, and they will adjust spiciness level for different tastes. House is great too but only has a couple tables, I hope they do really well and can get a bigger place. One of my very favorites is Shere e Punjab, if you like Indian Food. I think their food is better than any Indian I tasted while living in the city. I also like Koffee Korner for both breakfast and lunch. For a little more upscale, the place at the corner of Olive and State, right next to Picasso, has delicious crepes - I am blanking on the name, so will post it later if no one else jumps in with it. Iron Hill is good for a varied menu selection and beer selection, tho' for the latter we like Quotations even more. Fellini's for your basic red gravy Italian - not comparable with some of the South Philly places, but good nevertheless.

                  Coffee...we want to take what we like best about different coffee shops in Media, and somehow get them together...merge the oh-so-comfy chairs and sofas from the Coffee Club, with the folky, friendly environment and better coffee of Seven Stones. Anyone? :-)

                  Supermarket....I have finally given up on the Acme nearest me, and go to the Genuardi's down the pike a bit. It's worth the extra few minutes driving, for many reasons, not the least for me which is those half size carts on wheels, much better produce choices, and not waiting in long lines wih grumpy people, Tho when I do need to go to Acme for some reason, I will go out of my way and go to the one next to the Granite Run Mall. But soon farmers' Market season will be here, and that's the best of all! Oh, and others already mentioned TJ's...it's great having them a quick walk away! And of course, the pies at Linvilla Orchards...try the apple cranberry in season, mmm....

                  Will come back if I think of more to share, when back from the holiday weekend...I love being on Olive St., you're close to everything, hope you enjoy it too!

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                    Wow, great info!! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to fill me in.

            2. All good recommendations. I would add my own favorites:

              coffee - seven stones (plum street mall)
              Bakery/lunch - Sweet Potato Cafe (old Cold Stone Creamery)
              ice cream/candy/water ice (rosati's!) - O'malley's

              1. I think House is probably the best lunch spot in Media with tons of vegetarian options, Koffee Korner is a great neighborhood spot for breakfast (and they serve La colombe coffee), and for dinner.....La Na for ok French-Thai as well as Sheree-punjab (but avoid on the weekends). Azie is a great place to go for weekend cocktails (pricey) and Quotations is a great place for the beer enthusiast. Kenny's florist is my pick for the best florist in Media (Z is just such a nice guy and great to everyone), and the only dry cleaners in town that is walking distance from you is BGross Dry cleaners across the street from House who are very nice and helpful. Hope this helps.

                1. So you've moved to Media and are looking for good places to eat. My condolences. I've been working there for 15 years. My co-workers and I have a standing joke about where to lunch in Media. It's kind of unprintable. For most places it rhymes with "suck". HOWEVAH, my two favorite places are Nadia Thai, hands down the best Thai food in Media and Azie which is very good, but can get pricey. I'm down on House. Last time I went there, the bread was squishy. Ew. Quotations, yes, good beer, but then again, so does Iron Hill. Food is pretty mediocre at both places. Margaret Kuo's way overpriced and not that good in my opinion. Better you should hop in your car, drive to Exton and bathe in the gastronomic glory that is Han Dynasty. Brodeurs, ugh!!! Mrs. Marty's deli? You gotta be kidding me. Sligo, eh! Sometimes good, sometimes not. Koffee Korner, nah! Last time I ate there my stomach yelped "No mas!" a la Roberto Duran. Planet Hoagie ain't bad. Wimpy's for a hamburger is pretty darn good, and if you want to drive alllll the way to Springfield, there's a 5 Guys. Sorry to be so disagreeable, but I've had 15 years of culinary crapitude in the Boro That Time Forgot.
                  It's enough to make a sane person bag their lunch. Which I do quite often, actually.

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                    soggy sandwiches, oh my! House must have had an off day, cause I eat there at least once a week while at work and have always been happy. Plus they use local farmers, make all their meats and food from scratch and have a great reputations as being kind and helpful. I hope that comment doesn't deter anyone from trying Media's little lunch spot, it's in my opinion as being one of the best. I would have to disagree with Nadia Thai as well. While they may be good and cheap to boot, I would not exclaim them as being a "great" Thai restaurant. They're ok. I would have to agree with Rondo on everywhere else though....Media's dying for a new spot...soon perhaps?

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                      I agree, I hope that comment about House doesn't deter people. If it happened repeatedly, that's a different story. I haven't eaten there often, but the times I have, everything has been fresh and delicious.

                      I'd love to see a good Mexican, Greek, or Ethiopian place come to Media!

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                        Looks like Media is doing well and so hopefully the new restaurants will keep coming! I agree that a Mexican, Greek and especially an Ethiopian restaurant would be fantastic. Hey Lauren, my Mom is a Sylvia G. too! Small world.

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                          It's funny you guys/gals should mention Media needing a a good Mexican or Greek place, as I have been thinking that the last couple of times I was wondering where to go to eat lunch. Would love to see that happen. I can't imagine an Ethiopian place doing well but I suppose stranger things have happened. As for House, the first couple of times it was great. The last couple of times not so much. But I may give it another try.

                  2. We have eatern at Azie and Stephen's and had good meals both times. Azie did not have a big sushi menu but had some really good rolls and delicous food. Iron City is great for lunch or just to sit at bar and get a few appetizers and drinks. They have really good salads and some fun pizzas. A lot of people like Fellini's, although I have not been to that location. If you are looking for an amazing place to get your manis/pedis, I suggest driving a little down Baltimore Pike to this place: http://www.bamboonails.com/. Best place around.

                    There is actually a pretty good breakfast place we like about a 10 minute ride called ther Coffee Station in Morton, and then we LOVe the omelets at Ming's in Drexel Hill- which is more like a 15 minute drive.

                    If you love wine- jump right on 476 N to the Villanova exit, go to Fleming's, and order a custom flight of wine at the bar. YUM! You can pick any 3 glasses and they charge you 1/3 of each.

                    1. I work/live in Media- here is the best resource for all the restaurants- too bad not all the menus are on there... http://www.MediaRestaurants.com
                      Happy eating!

                      1. Ahh, I love Media! I find the Koffee Korner way over priced and they are always out of their specials but the staff is friendly. I'd try Iron Hill brunch or La Belle Epoch for crepes. My favorite food is Italian and I have tried places all over Philly and still believe Fellini is some of the best...as well as the best bang for your buck. It's also BYOB and they will tailor anything to your liking. Someone mentioned Jack's bar below...and I have to say for awhile I lived a block away and they have the most amazing burgers and homemade soups - it's smokey in there so I carry out. Quotation's food is ok but I do love their salad dressings and the beer list is sensational! Really good bartenders there but the owner is kinda rude at times. Azi has a good menu and I love the look and feel inside - I like their sushi better than Margaret Kuos. Little A's has pizza by the slice - a rarity anymore. House is sensational but they have a long wait from when you order...everything I have had on the menu has been amazing. Tiny's (hidden away between State and Baltimore) has amazingly cheap yet delish hoagies - it's all carry out. Not that big a fan of Sligo the Irish restaurant - the beer is pricey even for the light domestic beers and the food is so-so but its cute inside. Stephen's has good steaks and a great happy hour deal - buy one get one free! Also a newbie is Sweet Potato Cafe - good sandwiches and sweets. Milkshakes at Zac's are tasty but the rest of the food is overpriced and fried. There is also a new place near the Media library (I am blanking) that has DiBuono cheese for sale and other good stuff from the Italian market - and decent sandwiches as well. Enjoy touring around Media!

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                          I agree on Azie and like House very much as well.

                        2. house.
                          The food is prepared with such care and attention. and the ingredients are fresh and amazing. It is slow food at its best.
                          Great hot and chilled soups, simple paninis, creative paninis with perfect flavor and texture combinations.
                          Bonus: Nicest people behind the counter.
                          I wish they stayed open later so I could eat lunch and dinner there in the same day.