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Apr 9, 2009 05:29 AM

Private dining area in the Rockville/Bethesda area?

I'm looking for a place to host my car club's board meetings. We usually have 15-25 people and since we conduct official business, we need some privacy for discussion. We have people coming from the Baltimore and NoVa areas, so Rockville/Bethesda seems pretty central for most.

The only other requirement is ample, lighted parking since we are a car club :)


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  1. Mortons has several private dining rooms, and a large garage underneath where you may self-park.

    1. Consider downtown Silver Spring - also about halfway between NoVa and Baltimore, and you can go to the wonderful Ray's the Classics; they have a glass-enclosed private room that can easily handle that number.

      A surface lot behind the building is usually free evenings and weekends, and there are at least 3 secured garages within 2 blocks.

      Ray's the Classics
      8606 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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      1. re: DanielK

        thanks for the suggestions. i forgot to mention that we usually average about $20/person, so those 2 places wouldnt really work. As much as I like Rays the Classics and Mortons, its cost prohibitive. Our past locations have been mostly sports bars, and we're currently at Mi Rancho in Rockville.

        Please keep the suggestions coming, thanks

        1. re: pseto

          Other than Saturday nights, Ray's has the Bistro special for something like $20-$25/person for 3 courses - I'll bet if you called and said you were bringing 20 people to the back room but wanted the bistro special, they'd do it.

      2. Hi Pesto.

        If you guys like Chinese food, Tony Lin's in Rockville might work. They have a private room that can easily accommodate 25 people.

        It is at the intersection of Rville Pike and Montrose Road, not far from the 270 exit. It is in the Flagship shopping center with a huge Giant store and a furniture warehouse. Tons of parking, well lit.

        Tony Lin's Restaurant
        12015 Rockville Pike Ste G, Rockville, MD 20852

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        1. re: DCDeb

          Right next door, the Greek restaurant Ambrosia has a private room.

          1. re: DCDeb

            as much as i love Chinese, most of the others probably wont go for it. i'd rather keep it to something more American, b/c i think the Mexican is wearing thin now.

            i may give Rays a call to see if they can accomodate us, but keep the suggestions coming please.

            1. re: pseto

              Nicks chop house in Kings Farm should work
              also you may be able to convince Tympano's to give you the upstairs dining area which would be semi private
              Bucca di Beppa also has the pope room which I think may seat 20 (Kentlands) and the food is surprisingly good for chain italian
              Mama Lucia in Olney has a back room which would seat 20