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Apr 9, 2009 05:04 AM

Sweet & Salty

I'm looking for interesting sweet & salty snack recipes. I found one for chocolate covered caramel truffles with fleur de sel that’s interesting. I can't seem to find a better one.

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  1. Mini popcorn balls with salty cashews or pecans? Any salted nut covered with chocolate? Spicy brown sugar praline pecans?

    There's a salted caramel recipe I've been dying to make -- Ina Garten has one and Heidi at 101Cookbooks.com has another.

    Is it a snack just for you or for an event?

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      If it's a snack just for you, trail mix of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate + snipped dried apricots + salted roasted almonds is my favorite at-home salty/sweet snack.

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        Actually it's to take to my daughter's school for teachers appreciation day. Someone else is bringing chocolate covered salted nuts, I should have mentioned that, sorry. I saw mention of "Salted pineapple" in some blogs but haven't tried it. There weren’t any recipes; it just stated that putting salt on pineapple tasted very good. I was thinking if indeed salted pineapple was good, I might try soaking some pineapple rings in salty brine for a day and then dehydrating. Hoping they may form a salt layer that's not too strong. After that cut the rings into wedges and dip half way with chocolate. Kind of looking like weird candy corn. I will probably just salt some rings as well and throw them in the dehydrator at the same time but I'm thinking they would be too sweet. It's worth a shot, I think.

    2. how about medjool dates rolled in shredded coconut and stuffed with walnuts and a pinch of fleur de sel. sweet, salty, creamy, nutty.

      1. I do a sort of pecan brittle with saltiness and some heat.

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          Sounds great but as mentioned above, someone is already bringing nuts so there will enough nuts there with no offense to the teachers.

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            oops! didn't read that one! cupcakes?

            this blog has several "salty" cupcake recipes.

        2. What about dried salty/spicy mango strips? I've seen them in Indian groceries and places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, but you could probably make them yourself by taking dried mango and adding salt & cayenne pepper.

          Also, probably not something you'd want to bring in, but - when I studied abroad in Italy I brought my host family some maple syrup as a gift. Not knowing what to do with it (no pancakes over there), they drizzled it on saltine crackers for dessert. It was actually pretty delicious!

          1. Look around at black sesame seed recipes... one of the best snacks I've had is basically those glued together with some sort of cane juice dehydrated or such, and quite salty too.