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Apr 9, 2009 01:31 AM

Dick & Jenny's & Stanley - 1st time, what do you like there??

We're coming back to NOLA for 5 glorious days in early May and we're hitting all of our favorite spots, but this time with our Native New Orleanian 4 year old son in tow! The only 2 places on our agenda that we've never been to are Dick & Jenny's and Stanley. What's your favorite dishes, or any suggestions, at both places?

Just to let ya know...we're also going to Lola's, Bluebird (sob), Camellia Grill, Nola (for lunch), the Ruby Slipper, Parkway and Commander's Palace (for dinner). We were broke when we lived there so all our faves are kinda cheap!!

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  1. I love Lola! Our usual orders are ....

    Caprese salad
    Crab Tropical salad
    Marisco soup
    Garlic shrimp appetizer
    Grilled lambchops with gorgonzola dipping sauce

    1. Dick and Jennys: Appetizer sampler with goat cheese puff pastry, fried green tomatoes(and I cannot remember but a few other things)
      Basil Grouper is outstanding
      Veal Cheek Grillades and Grits
      One of my favorite things about Dick and Jennys is that we can eat well and the kids are welcome there as well!

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      1. re: ScarlettNola

        +1 Basil Grouper at Dick & Jenny's, very tasty. I also had the seafood pies appetizer, which was ok but not as good as hubby's Jenny's salad. Also loved the decor with all the decorated plates.

        1. re: ScarlettNola

          +1000 on the veal cheek grillades and +1 on the grouper.

          I'll also add their fried oyster app, the shrimp and corn chowder, and anything that comes with carrots on the side (sounds dumb I know but the smoked carrots are oh so good!).


          1. re: thecajunfoodie

            Wow, thanks! I'm leaning towards the Basil Grouper, and something that comes with smoked carrots! That goat and cheese puff pastry sounds yummy too. And thanks for the heads up that kids are welcome there - good to know!!

            1. re: jreedtattooer

              They have a kids menu which is pretty rare so that is great for us!

        2. The fried oyster appetizer (it also comes in the sampler) is great, as well as the sweet potato soup. Their wine list is also excellent.

          1. Just ate there last week; loved the fried oysters, seafood pie, and the grillade. A wonderful meal, casual, great food, super wine list.