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Apr 9, 2009 12:28 AM

Hot Cross Buns in LA?

Does anyone know where I might buy hot cross buns in Los Angeles (90036). Any advice appreciated. Happy Easter!

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  1. I *think* that Rockenwagner Bakery sells a bun that is hot cross bun-like in the spring. You might try giving them a call.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Thank you for the info guys. Apparently wholefoods have them too so that was easy! Cannot wait to eat them!!

      2. Somewhat nearby Clementine has them if I'm remembering correctly. I'd give them a call though to double check.

        1. I had some from Thee's Continental Pastries in the Farmers' Market and they were delicious, yeasty and the dried fruit was high quality. Sometimes they have the day old that you can toast up. Highly recommended.

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          1. re: chewbacca

            I found some at Henry's (Wild Oats in LA) they were ok.. but wheat, so not what I expected. Finding an old fashioned bakery to make them fresh is the best. We used to have one here that made them with a stripe of white and rasberry icing, so good!

            1. re: soulimar

              They have them at Vons also, at least the one where I live.

              1. re: soulimar

                They had zillions of them for 95c each at Katella Deli today.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  I had a delicious Hot Cross Bun at Europane yesterday. I don’t recall seeing them at Europane before so not sure how often they make them.