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Apr 8, 2009 11:08 PM

Recs for a Seattle weekend

Hi all,

I'll be visiting Seattle for the first time for a weekend in May, and am looking for some recs. I'm a San Francisco native and would like to get a taste of what the Pacific Northwest is about... My cousin from Vancouver will be joining me - he's been a few times but still has lots to try.

We've got dinner on a Friday, lunch/dinner on a Saturday, and lunch/brunch on Sunday. So far I've tentatively laid out:

Friday dinner: Lark
Saturday lunch: Matt's
Saturday dinner: Spinasse (booked this one already)
Sunday brunch: not sure about this one. considering Lola as we will be staying at the Andra.

How's that plan look? Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Lola is a great choice; it's my favorite sit-down breakfast downtown by a wide margin.

    1. Your plan looks spot on.

      1. Sounds perfect. If it's just the two of you, see if you can book a spot at the bar when you go to Matt's. Robbie the bartender will treat you well.

        1. Your plan looks great- Do the brunch at Lola's*