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Apr 8, 2009 09:42 PM

Belgian Beer Recs?

My husband is a Belgian beer lover. His fav is Orval and in second place is Leffe Blonde. Does anyone have any recommendations for any other Belgian (or Dutch/French/German) beers that are somewhat like these two? They don't have to be imported into the States (although that is a plus for the future) as we are in Germany now. We're able to go and find them here now, but just need to know what to go and find. Thanks for any recs!

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  1. Those are wildly different beers. Sounds to me like he'd be up for most anything Belgian. The only ones I'd avoid would be the lame, insipid ones like Stella Artois, Palm, and Steenbrugge Dubbel (made by Palm). Those three are to the great tradition of Belgian brewing what Beck's or St. Pauli Girl are to German brewing.

    Some of my personal favorite Belgian breweries: De Dolle, Cantillon (these are sour), Drei Fonteinen (also sour), Chimay, Westvleteren (hard to come by, but worth a trip to the monastery), De Glazen Toren, Fantome, and Rochefort.

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        For the record: they're "Belgian style" brews but they're actually from Canada.

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          I luv La Fin Du Monde and Maudite but if we are talking Belgian Style I still miss Hennepin, Ommegang and Rare Vos that I use to drink in USA from the Brewery called Ommegang but I can't find them here in Canada so la fin du monde is just awsome.

        2. Orval is hoppy and a bit sour. On the hoppy side, you could try, for example, Houblon Chouffe. Also Stone Cali Belgique. Gouden Carolus makes one, whose name conveniently escapes me.

          1. For more hoppy golden/blonde belgian ales that are on the dry side have him try: Chimay Cinq cents (white label), Poperings Hommelbier, Augustijn, De Dolle Arabier, De Ranke XX Bitter, or Duvel.

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              +1 on De Ranke, de Dolle and Hommel.

            2. I second the De Ranke XX recommendation. Definitely a good one. And of course any Chimay is always a gimme. And anything by St. Bernardus. And yes if you are relatively local than by all means get yourself some Westvleteren! Fantastic stuff. And while you are at it send a case over this way...