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Apr 8, 2009 09:22 PM

Best bolognese?

My husband's birthday is in a couple of weeks and his only request if for great traditional bolognese. I really have not a clue about where to take him, as we don't do Italian very often. He likes Oteria La Buca but I want to take him somewhere different. We're on the east side and would prefer not to travel farther west than West Hollywood. Somewhere in the vicinity of $20-30 for an entre would be ideal.

So far I've looked at Pace, Angelini, and Vinoteca Farfalla. But I'm really looking for excellent bolognese in particular. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Some would go with Boar's Head, but I prefer the kosher bologna from Hebrew National.

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      Um, I think that the OP is looking for the bolognese pasta sauce ( ).

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        Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills does an excellent bolognese sauce with fettuccine and sometimes lasagna. They will give you extra sauce on the side. You can also order it to go and they will give you a container of the cooked fettuccine and a separate container of the bolognese sauce.

        Pics here:

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          Il Buco on Robertson is owned by the same Drago as Il Pastaio,
          has the same delicious Bolognese,
          is 1 mile closed to the EAST side, and makes great thin pizza to boot!

    2. I really like the bolognse at La Terza on 3rd in weho. Fabiolous cafe on sunset at vine is surprisingly good too. I don't know if Aroma in Silverlake does Bolognese, but I'd call because I think they do the best italian in the area.

      1. As a fan of bolognese sauce (including having spent a few hours making my own several times), I really enjoy La Scala's version if you're willing to travel to Beverly Hills. Not sure how traditional it is or not, but it certainly is delicious, as is their chopped salad. Happy birthday to your husband!

        434 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills (310) 275-0579

        1. It's not high-end, but the bolognese at Spumoni in Sherman Oaks is the best I've had in LA. You can get it on regular pasta or gnocchi. And it's under $10 a plate.

          Spumoni Restaurant
          14533 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

          1. I absolutely love the bolognese at Madeo. I always have a hard time deciding between that and the bottarga. Very rich but oh, so good.

            Madeo Restaurant
            8897 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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              I was just at Boa and my girlfriend ordered it and it was fantastic. Kinda spicy, but very delicious. plus it had Kobe meatballs. I think it was 22 dollars. Wish they had garlic Bread!