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German Red Wine?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good German Red Wine? Something beyond the regular Dornfelder?

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  1. Lemberger, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch. Tast-ola.

    1. why not a spatburgunder? there are some wonderful German PNs. check out the wines being imported by Rudi Wiest or Truly Fine Wines (both are here in lovely San Diego County of all places)

      1. Just tasted a 2007 Becker Landgraf pinot noir two weekends ago and it was only $22. Lots of spice and not too ripe. Some where between Burgundy and California. There isn't a lot of red German wine imported into the United States, from what I can tell.

        1. St Laurent can be decent.

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            Yeah, i love it too.

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              Not German, but Austrian. But good.

          2. I had a bottle of Regent recently, a newer grape which is getting more common in the Pfalz at least. If you're in the area, Weingut Egon Schmitt, just outside Bad Durkheim, has some great reds. They don't export though.