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Apr 8, 2009 09:06 PM

Best Indian in East Bay (Fremont?)

7 years ago we lived in Fremont and loved the Indian food there, but now we get our Indian in the South Bay. We have family coming that wants good Indian and we will be over by Fremont, so we thought we'd revisit that scene. They are Indian inexperienced, and their favorite is butter chicken of course. I love South Indian not so much the creamy toned down curries of a lot of North Indian restaurants in the area, but maybe someplace that does an OK butter chicken or makhani (paneer OK) in addition to South Indian or less cream laden North Indian specialties?

When we lived in Fremont we often did the buffet at Bombay Garden in its heyday, but I know it has varied in quality over the years.

So, where is the best Indian (north or south or otherwise) in the East Bay nowdays. Will drive into Berkeley, but Fremont is more convenient. Atmosphere isn't an issue - just good food. If you have favorite dishes, feel free to suggest.

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  1. If you would like Indian/Pakistani, the best ever is Shalimar. My favorites are the tandoori chicken, chicken kofta (meatballs), and nihari (beef). Not a place for atmosphere, but seriously the BEST food.

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      I 2nd Shalimar. I haven't been in awhile, but I liked:
      chicken tikka masala
      garlic naan
      gajarka halwa $3 - warm carrot dessert


      Some people like Pakwan better, but I thought it was just ok.

      3325 Walnut Ave, Fremont, CA 94538

      41068 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA

    2. If you like Athidhi in Sunnyvale, the one in Fremont is equally good. I haven't tried much of the North Indian side of the menu, but the South Indian dishes I've tried have all been good. The biryanis are my particularly favorite.


      47986 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539

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        Families flight came in late so we didn't make it to the east bay, but my MIL wanted a buffet. I had been wanting to try Athidhi, but hadn't made it down there. They have a Thurs. buffet dinner in Sunnyvale, so the stars aligned. It was very good. Mostly south indian dishes, Idli and dosa were mediocre. Sambar was good, but a bit salty in balance to other spices. Goat curry and chicken curry were nice and savory. Biryanis flavorful, although I am not in expert in those - usually don't get them. Very good tomato eggplant curry and daal. Good squash and ginger pickles. Nice pongal. Vada. Tikka masala and tandoori chx moist and good, but these are rarely my favorite dishes, Husband said the indo chinese dishes were good. Nothing really greasy, but not health food. Not terribly spicey (I would order off the menu for more spice), but good layered flavors. We will definitely return - a fine place. Thanks for the find MDG.

        It was pretty much empty for dinner service, just 3 groups.

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          727 South Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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          Yup, Athidhi is pretty good. Some of the dishes can be really spicy though.

          Most other south Indian restaurants are vegetarian.
          Dosa Place has pretty good dosas, just do take-out, not much place to sit.

          Taste of India off 880 on Mowry ave, is decent. I see many people doing take-out, but its good to, eat-in too.

        3. I have a friend who takes me to 'Bollywood " movies at the "NAZ" Cinema near the Bart Station in Fremont...she prefers Northern Indian/Pakistani food (the creamier the better!) so if there are any restaurants that fit this bill could you let me know...she and I Bart there, so walking distance Shalimar Northern Indian? It seems it the same people of the Tenderloin Shalimar here in the city...
          and finally.. are there any Afghani restaurants near the movies???


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            Shalimar's Pakistani. Same owners as the Tenderloin place. I went to the Fremont branch once when I had jury duty nearby, it was good.

            Swagat in Milpitas is good South Indian. I haven't been to the Fremont branch.

            There are half a dozen Indian places near NAZ.


            3325 Walnut Ave, Fremont, CA 94538