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Apr 8, 2009 07:46 PM

dining suggestions with six-year-old

I lived in NYC for years, but moved out in 2000. I will be in town with my six-year-old for a long weekend. I am looking for lunch and dinner suggestions in and around Times Square (we are mostly in town for shows); she will eat anything and is well-mannered, although I'd prefer not to go anywhere where I am likely to get The Look from fellow patrons for bringing in a child. She has a particular liking for Greek food or anything involving duck.

I would love some suggestions.

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  1. Ruby Foo's at 49th and Broadway is likely to have something good involving duck and shouldn't be too difficult with a 6 year old.

    I know there's Greek around Times Square, but no place I've been any time recently. Greek restaurants in the city are generally pretty kid friendly.

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      Have you been at all recently? I took my kids to the Ruby Foo's on the UWS over maybe a five-year period, and noticed it was getting progressively emptier and less tasty.

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        I haven't been to Ruby Foo's in a couple of years, and you're right, I had heard that the UWS one had declined and the menu had become less interesting. Not sure if the same applies to the Times Square location.

    2. Sounds like the perfect time for stroll up to Time Warner Center for Lanmarc?

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        Second Landmarc. Make sure to use to view addresses and menus.
        Uncle Nick's, Kellari Taverna or Molyvos (for Greek)
        John's Pizzeria or Angelo's Pizza
        Brooklyn Diner (fun "New York-ish" diner that's a step above the others)
        Toloache (Mexican food - I've seen kids there many times)

      2. Consider Cafe Un, Deux, Trois, ( Alot of differing opinions from other Hounds, but it is v kid friendly, complete with crayons and paper table "cloths". Can be very, very loud and sometimes the wait staff is less than steller, but the food is fine and the prices not bad for a Broadway place.