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Apr 8, 2009 07:21 PM

fun pub or bar for drinks and snacks

i will be visiting vancouver in may and am meeting with a group of friends on a friday night. any recommendations for a fun place that is pretty casual and not super noisy?

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  1. Chambar has great cocktails and Belgian Beer, Alibi Room for Craft Beers. Gastown has a number (Alibi, Six Acres, Cobre, and a few others).

    Have a look at this thread as well:

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      fmed's got it right as usual. Gastown is perfect for great bars. Six Acres has a good classic drinks list and a ton of beers in bottles. No draught there, but the snacks and food are cheap and tasty. Alibi is by far the best bar for BC beer, with 19 taps and a 4 cask beer engine devoted to local beers that you will rarely find outside of the brewpubs that brew these beers. They've got a large selection of hard to find bottled beer too.

      Both are highly recommended in my books.