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where to get panetonne paper mold?

I'm preparing to make panetonne. Does anyone know where I can get the paper molds? I tried the Sur la Table in Irvine (Spectrum) but they don't have any. I'm out here in South Orange County.


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  1. It's *possible* I saw paper molds for cakes of various kinds at the Sur La Table in Santa Monica, if you want to call. I didn't see anything on their Website though, and it wouldn't have been specific to your kind of bread/cake.

      1. Sur la Table in Corona Del Mar (next to Bristol Farms) had them. Call first.

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          And another voice of confirmation that some Sur La Table's carry them is at the top of this L.A. Times piece...

        2. I bought some at Sur La Table Santa Monica but it was at Christmastime when they are more seasonal. The papers at Surfas have lower sides, more like loaf papers.

          1. I'm not sure if mail order will work for you, but they're available at the King Arthur Flour website.

            1. I'd be surprised if Chef's Toys, in Fountain Valley (right off the 405) didn't have it.

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                I've never been to the place, but you might try Gloria's in Culver City. They specialize in cake and candy making supplies. Could be worth a call. http://gloriascakecandysuplys.com/sto...
                I've seen the place across from B&B hardware on Washington Blvd.

              2. Thanks all for the suggestions! I'm visiting so I'm not very familiar with the stores in the area. Chef's Toys, Surfas, don't carry them; Gloria's only has the cupcake and the large sized molds. But the Sur la Table in Newport Beach does have them, so, I'm on my way!

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                  Sounds like this is a bit late, but they do have them at the Sur La Table in Manhattan Beach- ranging from .25 to .75 a piece.