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Apr 8, 2009 07:02 PM

Anyone care to update Cafe Brenda? [MPLS, MN]

I wonder what current takes are on this longtime Mpls standout restaurant. I noticed in a post asking about vegetarian restaurants that no one mention it. I thought Cafe Brenda was supposed to be very good for vegetarian food?

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  1. It is, and and makes lovely vegetarian food. It may be that Cafe Brenda also offers some fish dishes and free-range so that it falls off the strict vegetarian restaurant radar.
    If you want a hearty lunch, I would recommend the tempeh Reuben. And bring any leftovers to me! Cay

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      BTW, here's a link from today's Strib on Cafe Brenda's sister restaurant., Spoonriver. I've not been, but from Nelson's description, it's bumped way up in my list. Cay