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Apr 8, 2009 06:47 PM

Tuttimelon Frozen Yogurt (Self-serve), Union City- Now Open!

Finally a froyo place near me! I like Tuttimelon, though I did have to pay their .38c an ounce. Poor me. It's self serve which can make you eat too much - cups are Huge!

Ask for sample cups - tiny cups that you can try all the flavors. When I went on Sun 4/5/09 the Strawberry was out.

I tried Taro, Peach, Watermelon, Pineapple. I made a mix of a little bit of all the flavors above, I think Taro was my favorite.

Topping: I picked strawberry - all chopped up tiny, and mochi.

My total was $6.14!

Location: Union Landing, between Sally's Beauty shop & Elite Nail Spa -to the Left of Lucky's. No sign yet.

Tip: Grand Opening will be Sat 4/11/09 at 12 noon. First 500 will be entered into a drawing - some cool prizes like IPod, X-Box. FREE Froyo for 2 HRS.

Bathrooms: 1 for Female, 1 for male, and 1 unisex!

32280 Dyer St.
Union City, CA 94587
(415) 786-7917

Tuttimelon Frozen Yogurt
32280 Dyer Street Union, City, CA

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  1. I like the self-serve yogurt places - I usually find that I pay less than I would have for a normal cup. I think that's because I only take a small amount of yogurt, and then load it with mochi (which are really light) and fruit.

    Are there any good self-serve places in San Francisco? What about Oakland or Berkeley?

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Last year, I was on a quest for taro frozen yogurt after trying it at a self-serve place in So. Cal. (Yogurtland). I couldn't find it anywhere and resorted to trying to make my own. They have about 12 flavors, and the ones I tried were all very good, though taro was my all-time favorite. To my delight, a few months ago, my husband and I noticed that there is a Yogurtland going in across from Cal in the old Carvel space. It sat vacant for several weeks, but now seems to be making progress and will hopefully be open by summer... YEAH!! Someone up above must be looking out for me, because I also noticed that there is another Yogurtland going in near one of the theatres on Shattuck in downtown Berkeley. So... there ya go. BTW, Yogurtland also had the best mochi that I've had at a fro yo place, and I always spend less than I would at a regular place.

    2. I passed by the corner of New Montgomery & Howard a few days back and noticed there's a Tuttimelon (I'm assuming it's the same company) scheduled to open up on the corner, though not in the near future...

      It makes me wonder how this area of SoMa can sustain the numbers of Froyo shops that are within several block radius of here, but I guess there must be enough demand out there, right?

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      1. re: josquared

        It's crazy, isn't it? I noticed a new froyo shop opened up on Santa Clara just off Park St. in Alameda, which makes at least four (if you include the Quickly that sells froyo) within a two-block radius of Park and Central.

        I like the new one, though. It's self-serve (unlike the Tuttimelon in Alameda, which isn't), and I thought most of the flavors were pretty good.