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Apr 8, 2009 06:35 PM

3 Nights in SF, what to eat?

I have one reservation @ SlantedDoor. We love flavour we love spice we love FOOD!! We are staying right along Union Square and are willing to travel (taxi, cable car, bus) to get to good eats. I am not looking to eat burgers or chips. thanks in advance for help.

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    1. BURA SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!
      elicious Burmese food, food from all around asia, and I mean the continent asia.
      Its pretty popular so unless u get there at 5ish you have to be willing to wait, but let me tell you it is well worth it.
      They don't take reservations either.

      1. O Izakaya Lounge
        In Japan town, Japanese "pub" food incredibly flavorful.
        1625 Post Street
        San Francisco, CA 94115
        P: 415.614.5431

        1. Well, if you're at the Slanted Door, you'll have to just walk up and down the Ferry Building to get bits and snacks. My favorite things: the guacamole at Mijitas, macarons from Miette, coffee at Peet's, Jack Daniels butter pecan gelato from the gelato place whose name I can't recall right now. I would also highly recommend dosas from Dosa in the Mission, burritos from Taqueria Can Cun, and in Union Square you're not far from Little Saigon on Larkin Street in the Civic Center. Wander and eat. The banh mis are unbelievable here, particularly if you go to Saigon Sandwich which is on Larkin at, I think, Turk Street?

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            Saigon Sandwich is more gringo-friendly than some of the other cafes. But do ask them to pull some of the crumb out of the roll before making the sandwich to reduce the bread to more suitable proportions. I dislike the "Californication" of the banh mi here, but they can be good if you instruct them properly on how you want it assembled.

            Here's a place link for Tu Lan for more advice on what or what not to order.

            I would recommend Bodega Bistro over either Tu Lan or Slanted Door. But for the OP, be aware that Vietnamese food isn't particularly spicy, if that is indeed important. The best dishes tend to be clear, direct, fresh and simple flavors with little chili heat.

          2. Oh, another thing you're not far from: if you're truly adventurous and don't mind wading through crack traffic, Tu Lan Vietnamese at 6th between Market and Mission (within walking distance of Union Square) is, in my opinion, the best Vietnamese food in San Francisco. It's a grotty little hole in the wall in a horrible neighborhood, but the food is heaven. Best summer rolls I've ever had, and I've had a lot of summer rolls.

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              Dinners, Zuni cafe, Azziza, and your Slanted Door!