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Apr 8, 2009 06:01 PM

Breakfast in Worcester?

Any good places for breakfast around Worcester?

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  1. You'll probably want to move this to the New England board but..........

    Depends what kind of breakfast you are looking for. I like the Boulevard Diner for an old fashioned straight-on diner breakfast. Scamo's, up Shrewsbury Street, is supposed to have a really nice breakfast, but I've not tried it myself. Of course, staying on Shrewsbury, you could just dive into a big box of donuts from Donut Cafe...the best in Central MA IMHO.

    1. Try Shaker's on Hamilton Street. A humble place with wonderful food.

      1. There are plenty of great breakfast places in Worcester! My faves are The Broadway on Water Street, or Lou Roc's Diner on West Boylston Street. Both have tons of character and great food!! You could also try Blanchard's 101 on Cambridge Street or the Kenmore Diner on Franklin Street.

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          While I like the environment of The Broadway, my last few meals there have been subpar.

          I have a real love for Gold Star, however.

        2. You should try Mrs. Mack's Bakery & Restaurant on Grafton St. They serve breakfast 7 days per week until 1:45pm. It's a family owned business and the food is really good. The place has been there for years. The original place was torn down, but it was rebuilt and it is really nice. You can eat there and then take home some pastry or fresh bread.

          1. this is quite an old thread, but in my opinion, nothing is better than Annie's! I've never eaten a better breakfast sandwich.

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                    Annie's spicy corned beef hash is AMAZING.

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                          Yes Vino Annies is near clark. Its a pretty legit neighborhood breakfast spot. I would reccomend it but dont expect to get your hair blown back. I like that you can get tater tots there...

                          I would always reccomend the boulevard to a visitor because it is a cool experience and a dying breed. Don't forget we built those things in this city!
                          They have the best toast too! That being said I live here and only end up there on the drunkest of nights...