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Jun 22, 2004 04:17 PM

haggis in OC? Anywhere in SoCal?

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Anyone know where to get some haggis in Orange County? Barring that, how about Southern California?

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  1. Chowhound Team, shouldn't this be moved to the Not About Food board ? ;-)


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      No wonder there are over 4,000 out of work comedians in Los Angeles. At least we know one works for Chowhound.

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        Sorry Chowhound team, didn't read carefully enough. Shame on you Mike!
        That comment was absolutely offal.

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          Stop! Stop! We can't stomach any more!

    2. You can usually find it at the Highland festivals throughout the year - a few of the closest to LA are at the Queen Mary, Costa Mesa, and San Diego (actually Vista). There are others throughout CA as well.

      Quite a few places in LA hold Burns dinners in January. Beckham Grill in Pasadena does, for example.

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        Rich Gould-Saltman

        Tam O"Shanter in Los Feliz generally has it the week of Burns' birthday,

        R McFarlin F GS