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Apr 8, 2009 05:30 PM

Cooking for single living

For all you single living folk out there,

When you're cooking for one, what do you cook?

I still have a soft spot for instant ramen but as I've matured, so has the ramen. I'm no longer satisfied with just straight ramen. In goes some tofu and dried black mushrooms. Or when I'm feeling frisky, some leftover roast pork and curry.

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  1. I have been cooking a lot of Chinese lately. Stir-fry is so easy to make for one and the possibilities are nearly endless. Just empty the fridge into the wok :-)

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    1. Yeah, I just did noodles tonight -- whole wheat noodles with spicy peanut sauce, peas, shrimp, chopped scrambled egg. And I still really really love those super spicy nong shim ramen from the Korean grocery down the street from me.

      I for sure do pancakes now and then, and other breakfast things. Pasta-based stuff, risotto... But I mostly cook "big" and then freeze things -- I take lunches to work, so I always use up leftovers.

      I'm generally terrible at cooking for one... unless it's poached eggs on top of cheese grits, and how bad can that be? :)

      1. Not leftover producing:
        Rib-eye steak with Sherried Mushrooms- whatever I don't finish goes in the sandwich for lunch the next day.
        Stir-fries over rice, absolutely. Usually I make them with skirt steak or boneless chicken thighs. Whatever's loose in the fridge will find its way in there.
        Lamb steaks -- I usually find them packaged singly in the supermarkets around here.
        Spaghetti carbonara.
        Western omelet.
        Mongolian Lamb with Scallions.
        Sesame Noodles.

        Leftover producing:
        Jacques Pepin's Crusty Chicken Thighs. It calls for four thighs, but you can scale it down and the method still works.
        Meatloaf, of course -- I love meatloaf sandwiches
        My new treat: Pork Tenderloin - makes two or three meals, depending on how hungry I am...and again, it makes a nice sandwich. :)

        1. I go back and forth between cooking something quick and simple -- pan-fried steak, poached eggs on a baked potato, stir fry, big salads -- and cooking something big like a big roast and then using the leftovers to make different meals through the week. I pack my lunch most days for work, so it's easier to get thru the leftovers.

          1. There are some good ideas in this thread:

            I also mainly cook for myself. I keep it simple. I like to make quesadillas, because they are quick and delicious. I also often will make one or two pieces of chicken or fish, a baked potato and vegetables.

            I don't do much different than if I were cooking for a group, just scale down recipes. I also make sure to put chicken, fish, etc. in single size portions when I bring them from the store. If a pack of chicken thighs comes with six, I place each of them in a separate freezer bag and use as needed.