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Apr 8, 2009 05:05 PM

seattle mothers day brunch

I'll be visiting my family in Seattle over Mothers Day and we'd like to have a NICE (non-buffet) brunch somewhere, preferably close to downtown, or tending toward the northern end of the city. Someplace that will take reservations would be a helpful. Thanks

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  1. Sadly Veil would have been perfect. I would suggest Monsoon, Lola, Boat St Cafe; all good. I also heard that Rovers started brunch - that would be lovely.

    1. Maximillien's at the Market has a from-the-menu brunch that is excellent. Also, the Dahlia Lounge has just started brunch, but I'm not sure what format they use.

      1. Volterra (takes reservations) in Ballad would be perfect. Portage Bay Cafe in the University Ave has great food. Preservation Kitchen (takes reservations) in Bothell has a wonderful atmophere and good food. Tilth (takes reservations) in Wallingford is also an option.

        1. When looking for places to eat during our visit, I noticed on the Tom Douglas website, he is doing a special Mother's Day Brunch: