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Apr 8, 2009 05:04 PM

Best croquembouche (croc en bouche) or piece montee in LA?

We are searching for the best place to get our french wedding cake(s) in LA. So far I have the suggestion of Caprice, Maison Richard, and Emil's Swiss Bakery. Any suggestions about what is the best? Thanks!

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  1. Why not go sample for yourself? I don't think you can go wrong with any of those three... big fan of Michel Richard.

    I'll add to the "try it for yourself" mix - Elysee in Westwood is great for their delicate pastries and baked goods.

    There's also Paris Pastry on Westwood.

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      That is a good idea. We have plenty of time and tasting cakes on the weekend doesn't sound too bad to me! Thank you.

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        So far we loved both Caprice and Emil's Swiss Pastry. We are definitely not going with Caprice though, as they do not cover the puffs with caramel (traditional), though we do think the custard there was superior. Emil's is delicious and a great price, they are our first choice right now but we are going to try Paris Pastry soon. Maison Richard is over-priced for their croquembouches (in our opinion) so we are going to skip them.

      2. I was at Mariscos Chente on Centinela in Mar Vista yesterday and noticed that Angel Maid Bakery was next door--and since I'd heard good things about it and need a cake soon, I decided to check it out. Among their cakes on display was a croquembouche. I haven't tried it, of course, so I cannot tell you whether it was good or not, but this bakery certainly seems to have a good reputation.

        1. try porto's in burbank. we were at a christmas party a few years ago and I seem to remember a delicious croquenbouche and porto's provided the desserts.

          1. I know you are not asking for another recommendation but I have always loved Aux Delices in Pasadena. I have had them do many cakes for me including my wedding cake. I have never had Croquembuche but it is on their menu.

            1. we also had a croquembouche for our wedding in September 2008. we went for tastings at Emils, Aux Delice, and Michel Richard. The best price was Emils, but the tastiest were Michel Richard.

              i can send you pictures of ours, if you email me at vychang at