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Apr 8, 2009 04:31 PM

Hey Mexi-hounds! Marlyn Tacos at a truck?

Hi Mexican hounds!
In my trips to San Diego I have become obsessed with a truck called Mariscos German (located in the Marketplace parking lot near 35th and University, in case anyone is interested) that does absolutely amazing tacos filled with cheese, vegetables, and smoked Marlyn. The fish is the most wonderfully unnatural red color and the thick corn tortillas are homemade. At $3.75, they're not cheap, either, but who cares when one of these delicious beauties will fill me up until dinner?
The problem here is that I live in LA westside, not San Diego, and therefore only get to try this fish version of carnitas when I'm there to visit friends.
This will not do.
Does anyone know of a truck (or a restaurant, i guess, though it doesn't seem the same) that specializes in these things?

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  1. I went to that truck myself... the Smoked Marlin taco was INTENSE...

    The only place I've seen Smoked Marlin on the menu was at Marisco's Chente in Mar Vista... A lady at the truck teased me for taking a picture... I told her this taco was a RARE thing in L.A. and I needed to remember it always... :)


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      That's it! That's the very taco that ruined me! Mariscos Chente, you say? Well, they're right down the road and I haven't been since before the review, it may be time for a return trip!

    2. I actually also have had the tacos at both these places. Germans are crazy!! One taco is all you need....but I like Chente's Tijuana style of making them dorados or grilled crisp and lightly filled with fish carnitas and cheese. Dont forget to get the camarones borrachos either!

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        Yes, Chente's are TJ street style made by Sinaloans.Sergio's are made the way you will find them in his home town of Los Mochis, Sinaloa.I've never seem one in Sinaloa like the one at German, but if the marlin is good and you and Dommy dug it, I'll consider it gospel.

        jdwdeville, get thee to Mariscos Chente and start with the smoked marlin tacos, if they're out get the tacos de camaron.

        1. re: streetgourmetla

          well... I have been craving that aguachile... and about 3-7 Modelos... and I still haven't had the grilled fish. I guess it's time for a return trip. How's the wait/crowd situation lately?

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            I've never waited, and I try to go at Mexican dining times to avoid the crowd.2PM for lunch and after 8PM for dinner.4-6 is gabacho time.Truthfully, I've just been lucky.

            Modelos! Order a cubeta(bucket of beers on ice).Es puro Mexicano! the zarandeado is callin'.

            1. re: streetgourmetla

              So... went back last Friday. No wait, even at 8:30pm or so, though all tables were full. Couple of beers, squeeze of lime, dash of salt- ah, feeling the week melt away. Delicious salsa, loved it last time, love it now, spicy, limey, eye opening. They were out of pulpo, oh well. Out of zarandeado under 2 kilos, nothing a beer can't fix (there was just two of us, and while I might be able to put away my share of 4.4lbs of fish, I don't want my SO watching me do it!). Got aguachile and a la diabla, and... MARLYN TACOS! Now, I love love love the aguachile (my SO not so much, but she sure did a number on the a la diabla), but I was here for marlyn. And it was... good. very good, even. Like a minimalist's version of my beloved San Diego favorite. No veggies or homemade tortilla, smaller, with the fish shredded and all melty with the cheese. A focused, clear taste of sea-like richness. Now for the negative (all of which are relative): at $3 each, they cost .75$ less than the mariscos truck gold standard, but are half or less the size. The truck versions included veggies provide contrast and crunch and are a good thing, IMO. And finally, the fish at the truck is in huge, rich, smoky chunks, giving it a luscious, fatty, substantial feel.
              The bottom line: I still love Mariscos Chente, and may even reorder their marlyn, but if only to hold myself over until I can make another trip down to San Diego for the absolute classic.
              Streetgourmetla, you HAVE to find an excuse to get down there and try these things!

      2. Catalina Fish Kitchen in Costa Mesa has smoked fish and they'll make tacos with them. Sometimes tuna, or mahi mahi, perhaps marlin. You'll have to call & confirm what they have that day.

        Yes, I know it's still way far from WLA, but still.

        Catalina Fish Kitchen & Sea
        670 W 17th St Ste G8, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

        1. I don/t know any trucks, but most of the Sinaloan places in L.A. have cheesy smoked marlin tacos. Try Badiraguato in South Gate.

          1. haha. I randomly happened upon the Mariscos German truck last weekend in City Heights, on University (SD). OMYGOD. The marlin tacos were amazing! I'm not surprised that you are obsessed. And, no, I have *never* eaten anything like that. I'll post my taco photo later.

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            1. re: ElissaInPlaya

              Hi ElissaInPlaya,

              I'm looking forward to your pics and thoughts on the Marlin Tacos. :)

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  At this point, we'd like to ask everyone to discuss Mariscos German taco truck on the California board, because that's where San Diego chow is discussed. Thanks.