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Apr 8, 2009 03:53 PM

Cliff Bells? Anyone been yet? [Detroit, MI]

The menu attracts me....
The Music tonight attracts me... Some New Detroit Soul sounds.....

Anyone been there yet?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Was there last night. There was a bunch of us so a large variety of food was ordered.

      1) Cassoulet... its... an interesting rendition of it. The Cassoulet I'm used to is hearty, stewy and just rich. This was very dry, with the duck not adding much to it. Bits of sausage they used weren't particularly flavorful. An overall meh.
      2) Chicken skewers: Pretty good. As good as chicken skewers get. Moist, intermixed with these delectable sweet chilis for a mild kick.
      3) shrimp skewers: Large, fresh, moist. yummy. And i'm very discerning with my shrimp.
      4) Shrimp and Grits: mixed results. either you love it or hate it. Shrimp.. again excellent. Its the flavor contrasts that were confusing\intriguing. Not a buttery, thick grits. Its a loose, watery with a red spicy sauce to it. It honestly tasted like watered down sriracha. Again, polarizing results.

      Mac and Cheese... cheesy, if you like it that way. I'd take J alexander's or Slow's any day.
      sweet garlic noodles... pretty good. One of my girlfriends LOVED it and devoured it. If you ever go to California, try Crustacean's (Hollywood) or Thanh Long (SF)'s garlic noodles. HEAVENLY!!!!!
      Cheesy potatoes: I liked 'em. as described, cheesy potatoes. They do a mild cheese approach. No sour cream or sharp flavors.

      All things said and done, we LOVE the place. Great decor, cool feel to it. Would come again to try more food and drinks.


      p.s. unbeatable beer collection! they have BOTH red AND white Hitachino beers. I haven't seen that in Metro Detroit yet.

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        1. re: JanPrimus

          truthfully.. not too great.

          Carl's intro set was.. uninspiring. The extraordinarily bored look on his face didn't help matters.

          That pianist guy spent waaaaaay too long futzing with his piano.. tuning it, and whatever he was doing. Totally lost the crowd.

          Sad to say, my group and I only stayed till 1230 and then we all had to leave. (early morning).

          I wish I could've stayed to see if they were able to harmonize. If you wanna check out good piano\electronic... check out Sharam's collaborations with Tommy Lee. Both last yr at WMC and this yr on his tour in Avaland (LA).