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Apr 8, 2009 03:33 PM

2 queries: West St Grill & Max Burger

First, I read that a few weeks ago there was a kitchen fire at W St Grill in Litchfield. Are they open? The website implies business as normal. Also, I read some very negative reviews from the last few months on indicating poor customer relations and favoritism. Any observations? Second, anyone been to Max Burger yet? THeyapparently opened over the past weekend. The Max site doesn't acknowledge existence yet - a gripe of mine is failure to update regularly these sites - it's just bad business.

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  1. We tried to go to lunch at West St. Grill today. Alas, lunch wasn't being served after 2:30. There were a few parties finishing their lunch, so I assume that they have reopened. We went to the Village Restaurant, just down the street from the West St. Grill, and the food was good.

    I had lunch at Max Burger a couple of weeks ago and thought the hamburger and salad were very delicious. The menu has more than just burgers. It is located on LaSalle Rd., in West Hartford. It is the site of the former restaurant named Simmer.