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Apr 8, 2009 03:29 PM

Eats in El Cajon

Hi All. We will be going to El Cajon (Alpine area) Saturday to have lunch with our granddaughter (19 yrs old) She is new to the area and not familiar with where to eat and we're driving down from L.A. We've had one recommendation for the Alpine Inn. Does anyone have any more? Doesn't have to be fancy but prefer nice to really nice and ethnicity not a problem as well. Thanx for any help.

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  1. How about Arriverdici in El Cajon that gets a lot of love on this board..or the Bread Basket in Alpine which is casual but very good.

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      there is an arrivederci in el cajon?


      knowing are officially the san Diego restaurant king.

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        Thanks. They both look like good choices.

      2. I'm really not sure if there's much I would call nice or really nice in East County. Is she in El Cajon or Alpine? Alpine Inn is okay I guess. It tries to be a nicer place in Alpine but the food really isn't that good. Janet's has good breakfast/lunch type food and has a nice country type atmosphere but I'm not sure if that's the type of nice you're looking for. If possible you might want to try and make it down into the North Park/Hillcrest areas which have better options.

        1. El Cajon has the largest Chaldean population in the USA. Many small Middle Eastern markets and restaurants. Ali Baba on Main Street is excellent and larger than most places.

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            If you're willing to drive into El Cajon, you may want to consider going the other direction into Santee where you can find La Trattoria in the CVS/Best Buy strip mall. Italian fusion that's very good, and the place is nice. They used to have a website which I was unable to find, but this will give you a location and a few reviews: http://entertainment.signonsandiego.c...
            If it's sushi or Thai you crave, I recommend Oishii. We've been going there since it opened, and have never been disappointed. The staff is friendly, service is very efficient, and the food is really good.

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              It was posted in the "SD restaurants closed..." thread that La Trattoria had closed.

              1. re: JRSD

                I drove by yesterday at lunch. They are open.

                  1. re: Cathy

                    Nope - I confirmed tonight they're officially closed. The sign on their door states they thank their valued customers, but are now out of business. That makes me so sad.

                    1. re: phee

                      Then it just happened. I go to Navy Federal Credit Union, in that parking lot, almost daily. The door was open and there was a sandwich board sign advertising lunch. I know it was this week.

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                        I don't want to belabor the point, but they sent out a notice to their customers on Monday or Tuesday saying that last Saturday April 4th was their last day of operation.

            2. This is too late for your Saturday lunch, but maybe your granddaughter would enjoy trying out some of these places in the future: