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Apr 8, 2009 03:27 PM

Nice lunch in the Northeast

NYC hound visiting my parents in the Far Northeast this week and want to take them out for a nice, moderately priced lunch. Haven't been back in so long, I have no idea what's good in the area. I'm hoping you Philly hounds can help out with a few recs. They eat just about all cuisines, except maybe Japanese.


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  1. There are few good choices in the Northeast - don't expect gourmet - but a pleasant place is Gallo's Seafood on Roosevelt Boulevard. Plenty of menu choices, attractive, good service. That's where we take a cousin when she's visiting in that neighborhood.

    1. I lived in the Northeast for 36 years and the Country Club Diner is the best there is. Cottman and Summerdale. We used to laugh when we passed by Gallo's.

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        I also lived in the Northeast - for over 36 years - and things have changed.
        The Country Club Diner, where we all ate for many, many years, has gone way downhill.The original owners retired and sold out and lately it has been pretty bad.
        Gallo's, which used to be mediocre, has changed and become good and attractive.
        Go figure!

      2. For a diner, I would recommend the dining car on Frankford Avenue. Three Monkey's Cafe at the Torresdale Train station has a nice mixtures of soups salads sandwiches and entrees in a relaxed setting.

        Jannie, a mixture of chinese and japanese is at Bustleton and Cottman and is a nice asian restaurant.

        A suggestion for a casual italian that has pizza and pasta/sandwiches is Cafe Michelangelo on Bustleton Avenue just north of the Leo Mall. They have brick oven pizza, outdoor seating and a bacci court.