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Apr 8, 2009 03:11 PM

Casual group dinner in Tempe/Mesa area

Looking for a place to have a graduation celebration for my husband for 20-25 people in mid-May. There will be a wide age range, but no children. Private party room would be great, but not totally necessary. We will probably be footing the bill for the food, so we would like it to be on the inexpensive/moderate side. The graduation is at an awkward time (1:30 pm), so we were thinking about meeting at 4:30 for drinks and appetizers and then having dinner after that. We want it to be a fun, casual atmosphere but not too loud - if possible! I was thinking of maybe doing the Irish pub thing, but do not know of any place that could accommodate a group of our size. Oregano's also came to mind, but I do not think that they are exactly large group friendly. I am open to any and all types of cuisine - just want the place to be good and fun. We will be ready to celebrate! Thanks.

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  1. I assume this is on a Saturday?

    Chevy's in Mesa has a private room that can seat up to 50. I hosted a group of 40 once at the Biltmore location and they did a great job.

    Crackers & Co. Cafe closes at 2:30 p.m. and rents out their places to private parties in the afternoons/evenings. The two Mesa stores don't have liquor, but they were working on getting a license at the one in Tempe.

    Also, is downtown Chandler too far? Urban Tea Loft has private party rooms; I think one might be able to seat 20. They have a full bar.

    RigaTony's food is not my fave, but decent for your basic Italian, and I recall they have a lot of space at the Mesa location.

    1. It may be possible to reserve the back patio at Casey Moore's. The food isn't my favorite, but it's fine, convenient, and a lot of people love the place. And you'd definitely be set for drinks and appetizers!

      1. it's technically south scottsdale but only a few miles from ASU main campus...Frasher's on Scottsdale Rd.

        Frasher's Restaurant
        2122 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

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          Thanks for the idea! Frasher's sounds perfect....