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Apr 8, 2009 02:37 PM

Song Phat (old Nava Thai)?

There was a review in today's MoCo Gazette of Song Phat, a new Vietnamese place that opened in the old Nava Thai space. Has anybody had a chance to go? The review was favorable--they pretty much always are in the Gazette, which is why I'm asking here. Like the old Nava Thai it's closed on Wednesdays.

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  1. I had a pleasant lunch there the other week. Good clean flavors and goood heat on the food. I like it but its not worth a journey. Good solid place in the hood.

    1. The reason they close on Wednesday (as did Nava Thai) is because the grocery store that owns the space (Hung Phat) is closed on Wednesday - and since they occupy the back of the store ... :-)

      But as to the food - I've been there twice with my GF and we both enjoyed the noodles and the grilled xxx on rice or dry noodle.

      Small menu for sure but all in all - not bad, especially if your hungry and can't wait 45 min to 1 hour in line at the Nava Thai (which is now 2 doors down).

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      1. re: chew

        Has anyone had to wait that long to get into Nava Thai? I've been a dozen times since the move, and my longest wait has been five minutes.

        1. re: Mister Big

          About a month ago, on a Saturday night, we waited for about an hour. I was disappointed in the food and service but realize that they were slammed. When we next go, we'll go for lunch or on a weeknight.

          This afternoon, we ate lunch at Ruan Thai, one of our perennial favorites. Very relaxing and delicious. We had the Yum Pla Korb (fried dry fish, onion, lemongrass salad w/ lime dressing), pad thai (nice chew to the noodles), a spicy pork curry, and the Yum Watercress appetizer (tasty but too much fried stuff for 2 people). Took an order of penang chicken home and found it delicious too.

          I recommend Ruan Thai as a good alternative to Nava Thai.

          1. re: OldSchool

            Ruan Thai has been a longtime favorite of mine - though I haven't been there recently... Good to know it can still put out a good meal.

          2. re: Mister Big

            We ahve never had to wait for a table at Nava but have had to wait for the food a few times. They seem to be faster now, but the food is not whatit was. Next time we want Thai we are going back to Ruan Thai or trying the place on Colesville Rd in downtown SS. We hope Nava get back to their former glories.

            I do want to get back to Song Phat

            1. re: deangold

              Today I felt like a quick, light lunch so we were back at Song Phat. Really good home style food. Had the Vermicelli with grilled shrimp (very good in a yello spice rub, not overcooked at all) lemon grass beef (really nice, a little crispy fromt he grill) and the grilled pork (good but a little cold, likeit was done first and cooled off as the other two grilled). The sauce was clean and less sweet than many. I added a little hot sauce and it was very good. Kay had the Chicken Pho and the broth was rich with anise. A little fish sauce and hot sauce and it really came together. The chicken meat was moist and abundant. Very good summer rolls. Now clearly the best Vietnamese noodles in Wheaton. With two unsweetened ice teas (freshly brewed & iced) it was $20. Cheap!